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Honey Wood Tobacco (FW)?


Hello everyone
Have anyone try Honey Wood Tobacco from Flavor West?
What does it taste like?
Is it worth buying?
Thank you all


I had this a year or so ago and I remember it being more honey than tobacco. Didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it either. Wish I could remember more about it for ya.


Do you remember if the honey had that…cat piss taste that a lot of honeys have (if you get that from honeys)?


No, I’m sure I would have remembered cat-piss LOL. I remember it being more honey-like with a slightly darker earthy flavor (I assume that’s the tobacco part of it). I haven’t vaped any honey flavors so I don’t have anything to compare it to sorry.


Cool, thanks! I’m actually super tempted to just buy it and see. I’m intrigued now.


No problem. Give it a shot, you may have the next BNG just waiting to be created.


I have FW Honeywood Tobacco, I used it to clone one of Five Pawns liquids last year or sometime like that. It was Five Pawns Lucena which is a Peach Cobbler with a gourmet type liquor reduction sauce. I used the Honeywood because it has a strangeness to it that when you add it to liquors, it makes them taste like a cooked syrupy sauce that grandma used to make. I taste no Tobacco at all. It is a strange and unique flavor but will warn that this is not easy to mix with. It’s not a must have but if you want to make something bakery style unique it is fun to play with.

And @ VapeyMama, no, the honey here does not taste like cat piss, it’s actually a decent honey flavor in this.


Funny you mention that, I’ve totally got naughty girl v3 stirring in my head. Stay tuned. :wink:


Ever mix with something like RY4 Double?


That sounds like an interesting combo to work with


I have it and have always liked its unique taste. Oddly, though, it’s more of a smell with this one.

Most people can not stand it, though.

It smells pleasant to others but there’s a strong synthetic quality to the whole thing. Others might say perfume-y, IDK. I can only describe it like… there’s a lot of beeswax in the honey. It is not sweet, there’s no wood or tobacco flavor.

A syrupy essence, yes. My bottle is old but these days it seems to stick out like a sore thumb so I don’t use it much.


Thank you @Beaufort_Batches
Do you think it will go will with oak wood and Bourbon ??


Thanks @KumariHPX
I was aiming to a Honey tobacco taste and I don’t want to use TPA Black Honey


1st it was dog semen and now this! Don’t know if I should discourage you from putting things in your mouth or send my wife over in hopes that some things may rub off on her!


I like FA Maxx blend for a honey tobacco. Needs 3 weeks to steep and is better @ 4. Very versatile and can be used as a sweetener as well if you are looking for a honey type sweetness that is not a gross honey.


I think they probably would, especially Bourbon.


No, I don’t care for RY4 much, never have. Something just tastes off to me with R4


Thank you @Beaufort_Batches
I’ll tell how it goes


Do it …do it :ok_hand:


Love FA Maxx Blend…