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HoneyPeachMango and Cream


Wanted to get some feedback on this before I make a large batch. Any sudgestions on changing percentages?
Honey peach JF 1.25%
Sweet Mango CAP .7%
Cream Fresh FA 1.2%
Vanilla Bean Icecream CAP 2.7%


have you tried this yet ??? by just looking at it I would think those creams are gonna take over and cancel out the fruit … sweet mango Cap .7 seems low but i have never had it … I usually try to keep my fruits aporx 75 pct of the recipe and the cream 25pct that is only an apprx though


I heard cap sweet mango gets funky after 4% and im trying to have more of peach than mango. It was recommended to use small % with the honey peach. Have you used honey peach at higher lvls?


i havent used either of those flavors except the VIC and FC but with the apprx 4pct cream and the apprx 2pct fruits the creams will usually take over


wonder if I could keep the fruits low like that and drop the creams way down to the 25% youre talking about, and sorry no to answer your question I havent tried it , still waiting to get the honey peach


The very best feedback you can hope for is your own.

It is common practice to make a small test batch before going large. Do you have any 15-30ml bottles? I’d go that route first. Let it steep 2 or 3 days minimum, 1-2 weeks is better for creams, then go from there. If all you have are large bottles, you can make a 20ml batch in one of those for the test.

I have wasted at least 240ml of product going with a 60ml test with some unknown flavors.