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Hot?! Not Enough! Giveaway is Coming


Edit* @Norseman !!! Your comment went right over my head - I didn’t realize what you had meant.


Like others have said, the central fill


Good squonker


Adjustable bottom and side airflow along with the innovative top fill design.


Hciger VT75 Color 75W TC VW Variable Wattage Box Mod, great looking mod


1st link at the top of the comments was intercepted as a potentially malicious one :frowning:


central fill design




The central fill design




Central Fill design and color options are unique features of RDTA 5S.


I’m really liking this kit:



What happened here this is done right? Just kinda died with no winners!


I think there must have not been enough people…? It was scheduled to end on July 12th.


@andycolins ?
What is the end result of this giveaway?


I would say the centre fill design.


I don’t see where they specified a required number of participants, so hopefully this isn’t the case.




That’s what I was assuming as well but it would’ve been nice to have some sort of end response lol! Thx @VapeyMama


I’ve PMed them and sent an email from their site. I’ve not heard back from anyone yet.