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How Can we become a vendor on your website?


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Hi ,This is vandyvape official account, we are new here, and we are interested in becoming a vendor here,
Please kindly guide me how to do it…

Kind Regards


I will just call Lars for you Sem
Welcome to ELR



Thank you very much, i suppose i select the wrong category of topic.


Nice to see one of my favorite brands here, i am a HUGE fan.

Yes i do expect free stuff for above remark #FreeShit #GiveAway :laughing:

Just kidding, but always excited to see what Vandy Vape has to offer when they release something new!


Ive taken a recent interest in your products. Your mesh RDA and spools of mesh rather then sheets and squonker RDA with the disk coil has got me looking into squonking


Welcome @vandyvape . Glad to see you join the community here. I expect you to keep on going full steam ahead. Might be interesting to learn of any diy eliquids your team has put together. I’m sure you must test your products frequently- what do you use as a benchmark for that taste tasting in the R&D or Marketing Departments?



Welcome @vandyvape
To be honest I haven’t tried any of your products but a quick look has me intrigued?
Looking forward to further info and anything you plan to share with this great community!


Welcome @vandyvape!!! I am really looking forward to the new 80W Pulse BF Squonker with the Gene Chip! I can’t wait to get my hands on one! I am new to squonking, but I have fallen instantly in love with it! I am now saving my $ so I might be able to pick one of these up by summertime!



Who would have thought that the Vandy Vape Pulse BF mech and Voopoo Drag could make such a cute baby :laughing: