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How do I Delete my Account?



Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but can someone help me delete my account please?
I don’t use it anymore and would rather just not have it exist.




Sorry to see you go

@JoJo @daath


I’m guessing since this is your first post on the forum, you’re asking how to delete your account on the recipe side? I can’t help you with that. You can send a PM from here to @daath (click on his name and click message) or you can use the feedback form at the bottom of your “My Recipes/Favorites” page on the recipe side.


Send me an email with the same email you use to log in, and I will sort you out :slight_smile:


But, but, but…I don’t wanna go! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry dear you’re being evicted. But we wish you luck. :rofl:


How do i send you a private email? When I click through from your name, I see no optionto ‘message’ you Daath? Apologies, I’ve always been utterly confused by forums :stuck_out_tongue:




Ah, sorry, send an email to lars @ e-liquid-recipes.com :smiley:


You should have the option now.

Ninja’d…nevermind. LOL


That’s better!

All done - thanks guys :smile:


You’re welcome. Fare thee well! :slight_smile: