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How do you make someone remove your original recipe they have taken and posted as their own


Ahh ok :smirk:
If I adapt a recipe and keep it private, I do see the button. I wrongly assumed it would be the same with copying it and keeping it private.

Thanks, learned something new today!


trashed, didn’t have the flavors anyways :smiley:


the coding would be impossible but it is too bad that if a recipe is copied and then commented on or rated that the comment/rating would appear only on the original recipe. of course the hooligans would find ways to circumvent that. but also like in this case the administrator should be able to turn on the elusive “copy of” notice on any recipe.


Sharing’s Caring :smile:


Yes, it’s the nature of this and other DIY mixing sites to share recipes. Sure, it can be a bother that someone copies yours, word for word on the notes even, but like it’s been said, flattery…


Not sure. It looks like one of the flavors was in fact a different (duplicate) flavor - I went through a few and merged some dupes and lo and behold, now there’s a “This is a copy of …” at the top :slight_smile:

It can’t. “Adapted from this recipe” only appears if you use the “Adapt this”-function.

However, if you create the exact same recipe, “This is a copy of …” appears at the top regardless of you using the adapt feature or not… :slight_smile: At least that’s the idea! :smiley:

Previously I was preparing to force-hide all public recipes that were copies of other recipes, but decided against it for some reason - Not sure why. Maybe I should reconsider :wink:


I can only see it being an issue if someone puts all the flavours in from a recipe not on ELR and the original creator then wants to put the recipe on ELR - I guess it wouldn’t happen much but it could happen


We actually have a few recipes that are like that - But I could handle those on a case by case basis and make the real one the “original” :slight_smile:


When someone adapts and makes it public, it drives attention to the original which might be old, farther back in the data base where many wouldn’t see it. If you force adapted recipes to be private, a lot of these gems will remain obscure. That was my reason for making my adaptation of Iummy’s Elixir public. Any one who has asked me about it, I tell them to rate his not mine.


I have seen some discussion about this subject and it’s very difficult to control specially when a set of ingredients can be used in so many variations and flavor brands. how many strawberry custard and cream recipes are here at ELR!? I think it is a risk that anyone that share need to ackowledge that it may be used, adapted, reposted here or other sites and perhaps even used comercial with variations and bigger scale manufacturing process. That can happens with your DIY juice and many other intellectual property.

In this particular case I can understand the original post when he read his own comments in another post. But maybe this is just an oops from someone who wanted to adapt and then made it public without proper handling of the recipe or providing any credit. Perhaps it is easy to solve if that is the case.


I really wish that notice appeared when recipe is hidden. I generally prefer linking the original recipe . But have to make private recipe public to see it… any way to fix that… specially if you force close duplicates


Forgot to thanks to all of you that share your creations and allow other members to try them. I respectfully adapt many recipes and keep them private for my personal use.


I have had this happen so many times. I actually had a user that would follow me and repost my recipes on his page, within minutes of me posting it. I don’t want to say his name, but I will say it started with an “H” and ended with a “arry” :wink:

As @Sprkslfly said, all you can really do is take it as a compliment and take solace in knowing they can’t hold their own? It is a complete waste of energy to get angry about it, since there is no way to stop it. I can completely understand your frustration, but at the end of the day, this is a public site and people will copy, steal and repost. Happens to us all, in one way or another


if you want people to know it was you who made this just comment on the recipe under his name and write a quick nice ty something like , thank you so much for reposting my recipe , im happy your enjoying. If there are any questions or thoughts please contact me … or something like that . If its just thoughts your looking for post the recipe here in the forum on one of the existing threads like " fix my mix " or new recipe showcase tell us about the recipe . I do believe the forum is the best place to get quick good feedback , just my thoughts


How did you know my female name was Marry. Lol. But yes I’ve stalked you

And back on topic…I knew @daath would figure it out. He’s a smart cookie.


If its a person’s that just started mixing in feb they may not know about making a reference to the original mixer when its public. They also may of figured that since it has the adapted button there that they considered that the reference. I know when I look at a recipe and see the adapted from button, I press it to see who made the recipe.
I know when I first started DIY it can be quite alot to take in at one time. They probably loved ur recipe so much that they wanted more people to see it. That can actually help ur recipe be seen more instead of being buried down to page 100 million.


If you make a recipe public:

  • People want to adapt it for their own needs
  • Your notes go over with that adaption
  • Don’t whinge about the above


Sorry I didn’t mean to disappear from the conversation. We got a snow storm which dumped a solid foot of snow on us and we were without power for just shy of 24 hours. But we have light again.
I know I over reacted, this I’m aware of, when I made this post I was simply looking for a little guidance in the matter. I didn’t mean to start a big debate on the issue. As I said in previous replies it wasn’t that someone shared my recipe, I am not upset at that fact. I feel its common decency to take the time to add your own notes on a recipe, and can you call something “adapted” if nothing is changed but the nicotine? And being cloned is when someone tries something then tries to recreate it from their own trial and error correct? Again I am not trying to start a huge debate or all out war. I was upset and was simply reaching out to the community here, which is what the community is for. I joined to learn and grow as a new mixer, as I am new, only mixing for a few months. When I first started I mixed 2 actual cloned recipes and after that I wanted to try my hand at making my own recipes. So when I made an actual GOOD recipe I was proud of it and myself. I was reluctant about posting the recipe here but after seeing how respectful people where here and how people help each other for the biggest part. I felt comfortable posting some of my recipes. Because I want to learn and grow as I said before and I know posting my recipes is in part how I am going to do that. I appreciate all constructive guidance and help hence when this issue upset me I reached out here in the forum. Thank you to those who have taken the time to reply and thank you daath for adding the " this is a copy of" above the reposted recipe for me, I am thankful and appreciative.


Don’t sweat it. It IS a real thing, to get tweaked when you see someone ‘steal’ your posting. Glad you’ve stepped back and realize it’s just human nature. As for the debate, anything that crops up that can lead to a positive change is a good thing. Maybe something will come out of it all.


There is no stealing going on, please rephrase.