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How do you make someone remove your original recipe they have taken and posted as their own


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Seriously fish, read what you write, this whole “debate” is non sensical


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I’ll just leave the facts here…

If you make a recipe public:

  • People want to adapt it for their own needs
  • Your notes go over with that adaption
  • Don’t whinge about the above


He was mad, then he wasn’t. I said ‘good for you, you were mad then not mad anymore’. Why do you have an issue with it?


Your telling him it’s human nature to ‘steal’ stuff…

The facts are right there… it doesn’t take a genius to work it out and you are above average intelligence…


If I have misconstrued your posts please enlighten me :+1:


You’re nuts. Human nature to feel offended. Everyone else gets that but you. Now resist the urge to continue your senseless debating.


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I’ve had one of my recipes double adapted so it wouldn’t even go back to me at all! It was exactly the same picture I posted with it and all! All I did was leave a comment and said hey that’s my recipe lol! Luckily it doesn’t happen too often. Put a trademark by it and people are less likely to take it or say by (your name) after title this helps also!


Thank you I just may do that GalacticResidue. And to the gentlemen gubby and Phil_Fish, I’m not upset by it but just an fyi I am very much a lady. lol :raising_hand_woman:


@daath - dnont know how hard it would be but when Someone adapts a recipe leave the original author intact… and add adapted by underneath .

This would give credit were credit is due… even when linkng adapted recipes in your private stash…


I feel adaptations should show the whole history.

Sometimes people making things private can mess up the attribution.
For example Ella’s Peanut Butter Cookie. Someone adapted it (twice) and the second adaptation says “This recipe is a copy of: Peanut Butter Cookie – DIYRS :wink:”. It’s actually adaptation of #703177 but since Ella herself made that private it looks like DIYRS made the recipe.

I think it’s a shame that if I adapt a recipe, but keep it private, and then adapt that one but make it public, then the “adapted from” links back to my private copy. It means I’ve kind of hidden the original just by adding a private recipe in between.

So I’m saying if a recipe is made private by someone else in a chain of “adapted from” recipes, you should still be able to go back further in the history, at least the name of the recipe even if the ingredients remain private.

Maybe we should also be able to suggest if something was adapted (if it’s obvious)?


I don’t think this is a good idea either. I’ve adapted recipes from people, taken as inspiration, and changed every single flavor or added flavors and their percentages.
You can’t really say that the original creator deserves credit for something like that. As soon as you’re really going to change flavors (not talking about a single substitution or lowering the sweetener %), you’re going to change the final recipe… may even have different steeping time.

Where are you going to draw the line where the original creator deserves a mention or not?
I will always put in my comments where the recipe came from or who gave me the idea or inspiration to make this… but that’s me and I don’t expect everybody to do that and I wouldn’t expect anyone to do it with me if the recipe has changed.


If this is in the form of a "Report recipe / user / … " link, sure but I don’t think the public , or even just moderators, should have access to the recipes from anyone. This will only start causing confusion, frustration and a lot of anger.
For complicated recipes this will probably be an obvious thing to do, but when you’re going to look at the simple 2, 3 or even 4 flavor recipes you’re starting to muddy the waters.


Yes I meant like a “report” button, perhaps I should have been clearer. I don’t mean for just anyone to see those. I meant it in the same sense as @daath himself said above ‘But I could handle those on a case by case basis and make the real one the “original”’


That’s a good point; once one thing is changed it’s essentially a ‘new’ recipe. Besides, once credit is established like that, it tends to start feeling like there’s an ownership aspect, which goes against the open, sharing aspect of this place. And maybe the recipe you adapted was adapted three times previously, and the wrong ‘creator’ would be ‘credited’ anyway. Like, you adapt one of mine and the ownership trail leads to me, but I actually adapted it from someone else, who adapted it from the first person that published it. I doubt the staff wants to deal with endless claims of ‘Ted stole my recipe!!’ If I ever develop a recipe that goes viral and starts getting copied or adapted a bunch of times, well good for me. I published it for everyone to use in the first place and wouldn’t feel any claim of ownership. Folks who would be interested enough to know the original author can find out so they can look at their other recipes if they want already, anyway. Besides, you could create a recipe based on an existing one from scratch without ‘adapting’ it, and get around the whole adapted scenario in the first place. There’s always ways to game the system and some people just will. Nothing really to be done about that.

The only thing that possibly bothers me (and possibly doesn’t mean it actually does), is when personal notes are left unmodified. Maybe the notes shouldn’t copy over with the adaptation. Everyone’s personal opinions obviously differ, and if the notes say ‘this was especially good during our trip to Lisbon last April’, then obviously the adapter did not have the same experience and shouldn’t claim that, even if they left the notes alone unintentionally.

That’s enough stream-of-consciousness for one post I guess. A lot of people are tired of me anyway.


I think it’s actually quite handy to keep them but it may be a good idea to automatically copy them to the private notes instead of the public notes.