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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


I’m sorry to say, you just lost the gamble. They will not fit the 4oz flavor bottles from FW and TFA. I bought these and they fit a bottle which I bought that came with what they call a precise tip. Much smaller cap…


Amazon $33.99


So I’m back today with a check-in. I know I haven’t been on here in a while, but I want to say something about mixing by weight now that I have had a few months to really get into it.

  1. I absolutely love mixing by weight.
  2. It used to take me a good while when I started to mix a nice size batch of liquid, say around 300ml, all in 30ml bottles. I just made a batch of 270ml all in 30ml bottles in about an hour yesterday. About 6 minutes per bottle now. I call that mixing!
  3. The American Weight scale i got off Amazon, which is still for sale for $27, is the best scale I have ever bought and I have bought plenty.
  4. Bullcityvapor is now the ONLY vendor I use to order concentrates from.
  5. Glassbottleoutlet has some quality glass, seriously. I have ordered well over 100 30ml’s. They are the only place I source my glass from now.
  6. I ONLY buy my 100mg, 100%PG, pure nicotine from nudenicotine now. I have tried many, many vendors for this and have found that theirs is by far the cleanest nicotine I have EVER found to mix with. Not only that they send very detailed lab data sheets with every batch that you order. I also ONLY use them to source my PG & VG from. BTW, they are super cheap…
  7. Since mixing by weight I started crockpot steeping all of my juices. Warm setting (150F), leave my custards 3-4 hours, fruits 1-3 depending on the amount of ingredients. Lid open on the bottles for the first hour, closed for the remainder along with the lid on the crockpot at all times. I shake every hour or so. I was amazed at how all of my juices suddenly “came to life” in the matter of a couple hours. Much, much better than shaking and vaping. I’m the guy who can’t leave bottles alone in the closet to steep, I get very anxious.


Love mine too. Easy to read and works perfectly. I now blend by weight and have to say it is a pleasure to not have to use syringes. It was a easy change once I found all the things I needed to dispense flavors, VG, and PG. To keep from overshooting the nic I am still syringing it. I need to be precise since I run a Vape Shop…


The caps fit the bottles that measure 20mm.
I didn’t realize until now wizard labs has a mixed batch of bottles. Some are larger. Luckily I only had 3 that were the larger size.


Well, there are a couple of other vendors which have surfaced as of late, which might turn your head. ; )

I love BCV by the way! Great guys!!!


Name me some and I’ll be down to check them out!


IDE Vapors & Flavorah to start. But, when you spend all your mad cash with these companies, please don’t blame me! ; ) just keeping you abreast of new companies.


dude, i just wanted to say:
i very recently started DIYing and very soon after i began, i read your original post about how to do things and what to use…you rock, brother, you deserve a fucking medal to say the least…you completely stepped up my game and saved me a ton of trial and error and grief…your original post could be engraved in stone as a “code” for beginners…thanks a lot, brother, for real


Recommend me some good flavors from each so I can go spend more money on my vaping obsession lol. :thumbsup:

I appreciate that a lot man. I just wanted to shed some insight on what the 2 different mixing styles were all about and to show how much easier one is than the other. This post was mean’t to save people like me (that did the whole headache syringe method) from breaking open that can of worms. If I had access to a post like this before mixing when I started, I would have gone straight with the scale method. I thoroughly enjoy mixing now. Made 270 ml the other night in about an hour.


Awaiting delivery from IDE at the moment. I think if you search “IDE” and/or “Flavorah”, there are tasting notes somewhere for a few of those flavors.


I can agree with that. Most here on ELR were doing the syringe thing when I first started getting on the forum. Either that or they weren’t speaking of blending by weight. For the last few months I guess I can say they slowly talked me into trying it. I mixed up 1200ml (12x100ml) in about 3 hours this week. I was impressed…


I think I might have to do that and get in on this vendor. I get on here and you people make me go spend all my money :laughing:

Hopefully I was one of those contributing people lol. I still to this day only mix in 30ml bottles. I do 3x 30 for 90, etc. Might have to step the game up and go for a few 100-120ml bottles as I have about 5 flavors I that I can NOT go without having in my lineup of juices. They are simply my favorite juices I have ever created.


what is the weight for PG, VG, and flavorings? is there a by weight calc for mac?


PG is 1.026 g/ml and VG is 1.261 g/ml

Why not just use our calculator? www.e-liquid-recipes.com - it’ll do all the work for you if you set your preference to measure by weight :slight_smile:


^^^^ This.


Like @daath said, the ELR calculator will do weight as well and it is very good. :slightly_smiling: If you don’t already have an account, sign up for one. Then, when you go to your preferences look for where it says “Measure in drops or grams” and choose grams. In that same area, you can choose whether to use the manufacturer specific gravities for flavors. If you don’t, it uses 1 g/ml. A lot of the users here leave it at 1 g/ml because it tends to be more universal.


I only use VG and VG nicotine base. I use 1.26 for the VG’s specific gravity (SG) and I just use 1 SG for all my flavorings.
The reason I use 1 for the flavorings instead of their actual SGs, is that the difference is so small that it’s not worth hunting down each and every flavor’s SG (Plus not all of them are available). Typically they are only +/- .04, so it really wont make that big of an impact of someone else makes your recipe using the actual SG of the flavors.

Make sense? I’m not sure if there is a mac version but I use ejuice me up at home to do my recipes, as well as a personal calculator


I just wanted to mention, I don’t find the auto-shutoff to be a pan at all. MY scale is the AWS-100. It shuts of after a minute of inactivity. When I mix everything is out and setup and ready to go, so even if it does turn off between ingredients, so what. I just take the bottle off, turn the scale on, place bottle back on, and finally tare the scale again. In the future when I start making bigger batches, I’ll have to look for something with higher capacity and the one you selected looks perfect!

BTW, I also bought these : TOOGOO® Stainless Steel Luer Lock Dispensing Needle Tip, 12 Gauge, 2.05mm ID x 2.8mm OD, 1" Length (Pack of 6)

It makes working with VG, and VG based nicotine easy, to me even much easier than using pipettes.


I’m fairly new to this and have been using syringes but I think I’ll switch to a scale after reading this.

Question tho… when using a syringe, say you measure 2.2 ml of liquid in the syringe. I have a 12g blunt needle. Is the liquid in the needle itself part of the 2.2 or is it extra?