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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


You’re welcome! Remember though, I have not visually verified they are the same. Taking the word of a phone person and you know how that goes sometimes…


I do all to well;) Report back when they come in for it will be a while before my next order (Even though I tell myself that every time and hours later I have a $100 order placed)


I’d be glad to. Just give a shout next week if I forget to. It just doesn’t pay to be old and senile you know. Also I do have a lot on my plate but I will try my best to remember to let you guys know!


No. WL doesn’t sell the bottles they use for flavors off the website that I could see. I saw the FW despencer cap. That would do I guess if they fit. That’s not what I had in mind but seems to be the norm for plastic bottles. I was looking more for an eye dropper style like on the glass bottles.
Did some searching tonight for the dispensing type caps. This one place made me laugh. They wanted $56 + $10 shipping for a flip top style dispenser 100 pack. And they said one size fits all. Cracked me up. It was the same kind of dispenser cap I could probably get 2 for a dollar down at the local dollar store on a bottle of hand lotion or sanitizer. lol.


Yes, I know the feeling. I saw places like that where the bottle price was good and then you nearly passed out once you saw the ship price. I still have not found the bottles I want for holding my VG and PG. Want at least 16oz size with that twist cap…


Vape Mail came in today a day ahead of schedule and in that Vape Mail I received Red Twist Open Dispensing Cap Flavor…lol. Better get that $100.00 out of your wallet @DarthVapor3 cause those caps do indeed fit the 4-16oz size of FW and TFA bottles. YAY!!! Hear that @Kooljuice, they fit…


Nice! I hope they work good.


@JoJo wanted to let you know that i’m not really noticing a big difference in the WL nic and the HL nic. I’ve put it in a couple of new recipes even added it to some flavor base I had made up a week ago so… I’ve got some juice that has kinda steeped already. Most of mine are shake & vape so the whole long term steep doesn’t really apply. I do love my custards and creams.


That is the best worst news I have ever received!! Haha thanks @ringling! Do you mind if I ask the price/pack size? and if this makes sense, are they the higher quality twist caps? i.e I have a few bad ones that do not lock and if you twist them open too much they twist right off…


They sell them for $.30 each. I ordered 50 and they shipped 25 per sealed pack. Maybe that’s how they receive them.

As much as I would like to answer this for you I think you know that only time will tell…


Well here’s hoping you won’t find out the way I did last night!!

I was filling a smaller bottle up with a large bottle of flavoring a buddy let me try (cause my 5 million wasn’t enough) and seconds later the $%#@% tip exploded off and sprayed flavoring everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE…all over my lab…on each and every bottle of flavoring I have…the walls…every single piece of my 7 sub tanks I had just disassembled after washing…and best of all… all over my chest and face because I wasn’t wearing a shirt at the time!

Even after a shower I still smelled like sweet salt water taffy and my wife loved it…which really got my gears a turnin’ on other uses for flavoring besides vaping :wink: Brown chicken brown cow


It’s always best to please the wife…lol. Sorry to hear of the spill though. I hope I don’t find out the hard way as well. Wish me luck…


The last thing I had ordered were 30 ml plastic dripping bottles for my flavors. They finally came in today and the tip didn’t fit well at all to the bottle. I was lucky to find that they would give me a full refund which wasn’t but a few bucks but glad it wasn’t any at all. I did a review and not sure if this kind of thing is allowed here or not. There are just so many and I just went with best deal, good reviews…


I found these 20-410 size twist dispensing caps on eBay. $8.95/50 pack. Free shipping. I took a gamble and ordered some. I hope they fit and work well on my flavor bottles. The neck measures 20mm so I have a good feeling they might. @ringling found on Flavor West a similar twist cap that is working on flavor bottles. I noticed FW didn’t offer a free shipping option so I tried looking again and found these.


I ordered bottles from them and received my order in less than a week


That’s brilliant! I am dying to know if they fit your flavor bottles! That would simplify, to say the least


Not sure if you still need one…AWS LB-501
no auto shut off and weighs down to .01
it’s pretty great


I actually now have 2 but only one that measures down to 0.01. I was going to return the other one but I would lose a 3rd of my refund to cost of return. ARGHHh Thanks @Whiterose0818 though I really love the little Etekcity brand I have, very happy with it so far.


Will these bottles work for your flavors?



That’s the scale I have too. eBay $38