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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


I finally got a scale and started mixing by weight (Woot!) and man is it easy. Like many, I don’t know why I waited so long. I experienced the variance in drop sizes first hand the other day. A Capella bottle took 13 drops to get to the weight I was looking for while the bottles from ECX (not needle but that tiny tip) took 16. That doesn’t seem like a lot at first until you’re looking at something like Bavarian Cream or Acetyl Pyrazine where a few drops (especially in 10ml) can make a huge difference. :smile: I am so excited to try what I made and see how it turned out! Thanks to everyone who touted the benefits of mixing by weight!!


I would second that motion, haven’t been mixing that long but I have a little bit of OCD so I
like everything to be as good as I can make it. Thank you to everyone.


Isn’t it though? Now, it’s a joy to sit and mix without all the measuring and counting! Just dump the liquids in the beakers, while the scale does the real work! Welcome to stress free mixing!!!


Crossing my fingers with you that the next one is just dandy!!!


It so is! I’m twiddling my thumbs wishing I could mix up some more stuff, but I’m out of bottles now. :frowning: I ordered some more but they’re on the slow boat. I should have paid more attention to what I was ordering; I didn’t realize they wouldn’t be here until June. LoL


I’ve been ordering these from eBay. They are great for me cause I am constantly mixing up a new recipe and bottling it for the steep. The seller is great, ships quickly and I’ve never had a bottle come broken in shipment.


Seller info


I know how you feel about the bottles, I ordered some three weeks ago and they still are not here.
Slow Boat China shipping… I am lucky there is a local shop just around the corner that will sell me bottles for a pretty good price. 48 drippers for 30 bucks thou…Smoken’ deal…
Is that in the states…?


Yup, in the US. The seller does do International shipping.


Even better, I will have to check them out for sure.
Thanks for the info.


So, I didn’t order from the person you posted Jim, but I may in the future. I just couldn’t help myself…I got a few of the pretty colored ones over at www.glassbottleoutlet.com LoL I’ve been meaning to get some glass bottles, but for some (crazy, I’m sure) reason I’ve been putting it off. I like the convenience and ease of transport with plastic bottles, but I want to put some of my regulars in glass to have at home. Prettier, more eco friendly, more economical, probably safer. :stuck_out_tongue:


And glass bottles just look way cooler… Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I just Ordered 35 various from GlassBottleOutlet.com Friday. I didnt get the pretty colors though, just plain amber ones. I hope they dont ship mine on the same boat as yours Jo


Do you find glass bottles improve taste or have any effect on the juice ? Or is it just easier to clean ?


Oh, those are in addition to the plastic ones coming on the slow boat. :stuck_out_tongue:


I need to get some more of the plastic ones with dropper tips myself. Im gonna look around for a faster boat tho. LOL


Glass seals up better and I believe it will keep the juice fresh longer for storage. Also they are easy to clean and reuse. I use a. 30 or 60 ml plastic dropper bottle to carry my everyday juice for convenience and refill it every day or so.


Over time, I have come to appreciate glass bottles for storage of my mixes. It’s kinda like making coffee in a French press pot. Nothing comes between me and the fresh ground beans except H2O and stainless steel mesh. Yummy! Same with glass bottles for my juice. I can wash and reuse them, knowing there is absolutely no residual flavors left over from the last juice, hiding in the plastic bottle or spout.

I used to have to soak the plastic bottles in vinegar for up to 48 hrs to rid them of residual flavors. Drag! Glass does not hold any scent.


Ive been using 8 oz Mason Jelly jars for a couple of recipes I make in 240 ml batches, they work pretty good too. I have some 120ml, 240 ml and 480ml brown bottles on order. They should work better.


just got the tracking # for another scale from etekcity damn that was sooo easy THANKS @Jimk