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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


Mine hasn’t failed me yet!


100% Scales I use the TB500


Well, I read your post and I’m definitely convinced. I’ll start with the scale. I have some pipettes to start and I’ll have to fiddle with a lot of my flavorings that are not in dropper bottles. I copied and pasted your list of vendors/supplies. Thanks so much.


I bought the Etekcity scale on the advice of Jojo and it has been fantastic so far, no problems what so ever.
Mixing by scale is awesome!!! I’ve transfered my PG to squeeze bottle and my VG is already in squeeze bottle, so no more mess.


…and rays of sunshine beamed down upon your head as the clouds parted! ; )

Mixing by weight is truly as easy as falling off a log. Wouldn’t be without my scale. I have the same one as you; love it!


Hi daath. Here I go asking you to do something again. Sorry to be a pain but here goes. I’m getting ready to start blending by weight and as you probably remember I use a lot of FW flavors. I was looking over some of my recipes with everything set to read out grams BUT AT FIRST did not realize that if a weight is not known for a flavor it displays the ml value. I believe with one line of code, or at the most a few lines of code you could display say a minus sign (-) indicating the value is unknown and telling the user they must find out this value and add it themselves. Luckily I know enough to notice the problem but a REAL noob probably would not. What do you think?

Another Question! I have emailed FW asking for of a list of weights per ml on their flavors, hopefully this is info readily available. Anyway, when I punch these values into my flavor stash will it then be available to all?


As I believe has been mentioned in another thread, 1 g/ml is the “standard” when it comes to sharing recipes, which is what most of us do, so I won’t be fiddling that much with that part of ELR :smiley:

What you do to your own stash is available only to you (except for rating and notes)…


Yes, after a lot of discussion today I am seeing more of what is going on with the way ELR treats the calculations of flavor when set to grams. I did of course realize as well that there was no need for any more labor on your part. As I said in another thread earlier. Feeling like a noob today…


I know the feeling well :laughing:


Taking the plunge… just ordered this…

We’ll see how it goes…


I have two of the same model. You’ll love it!


I have a question. I posted about buying my scale tomorrow and being so excited about measuring by weight. My question is what is the best type of bottles to dispense your PG/VG out of? Does the [squeeze bottles] like the clear ketchup bottles with the red lids work best or something completely different?


That’s pretty much what I use and they work great for me. :smile:


I’ve been using these from One Stop DIY


Shame that I have 2 digital scales already, and good one’s too, BUT, they will only measure in increments of 0.1 grams rather than the 0.01 grams we use. Soooo, this is what I have decided to get. I have emailed the vendor to verify for me that it does not have auto-shutoff. If they verify this for me I will be ordering it. What do you think of this one…

Made by American Weight Scales
Model# SC-501-A

Amazon.com for $43.43 and free ship…


I use those exact bottles myself


Update Unit will not auto-shutoff as long as the power adapter is plugged in. Only will shut down if running on batteries. I can live with that. Well, not sure I’ll be set up by blending time next week but it’s gonna be real soon. All Bottles, Dispensing caps, Scale, everything I need to make the switch for weight blending is ordered and hopefully some has shipped already. Now if only I had a shaker! Never stops, does it…

PS: End price wound up $41.81 with no tax and free ship. (Amazon.com)


You’re gonna love it man! Crazy easy and so much less hastle!!! Pour and tare…repeat til you’re done.


Cool, me too!! I got this scale and these bottles for my PG?VG. I can’t wait to start weighing all my recipes. I also put a huge order into TPA and got 120 ml of 100mg nic from Heartland to try. The only nic I have used is from WL and I can’t wait to try something different to see if I notice a difference.


Woot! No more counting drops and eyeballing syringes!