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How do you stir your mix? Poll / Thoughts


After reading some very good threads recently (linked below) it got me thinking about how I try to obtain a homologous mixture, since I started mixing back in February all I have done is shake the absolute s*** out of the bottle I mixed into, now however I have got thinking if there are better ways of doing it. Any input / advice from anyone that has tried multiple techniques would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Oh and I’m including a poll to see what the most popular forms of physically agitating a mixture there are :

How do you agitate?

  • Shaking the poop out of the bottle XD
  • Magnetic Stirrer
  • Ultrasonic
  • A weird but awesome contraption of my own design (for you @50YearsOfCigars!!)
  • Manually Stirring

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If you think I’ve missed something from the poll please let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

Links to recent posts that started this line of thought:

Link to video that could be made due to everyones participation within this poll, a big thank you to all!! :smiley:

Problem with max vg and flavors

I mix, shake and shelve it, i dont touch it again until the day before im going to vape it, at which point i shake it again.


yeah this is exactly what I do, just curious if there is any improvement with other techniques :slight_smile:


Under what selection would be using a frother? It isn’t really manually stirring nor shaking…


None of the above, I use a small plastic hand mixer that is ment for protine powder. Yes it takes battery’s and yes it mixes it very well I just a few minutes.


If I make one bottle I just shake it and it’s fine. Milk frother for batches.


I used to shake, then I frothed, now I am back to shaking.


Did your frother break?


Nope, just can’t be bothered. And since I steep with time, I don’t feel like it really provides an advantage over shaking.


I read someone taped the bottles to a jigsaw blade. Im just starting, but thats right up my alley. Maybe sawzall blade? Be carefull folks! (Speaking mostly to myself). Seriously though, heat and vibration seem to be helpfull in many methods. I drive an hour on questionable pavement in a questionable car with more then questionably shakey exhaust to work each day. Why not make a bottle holder (heat resistant of course) and attach it to the back end of my exhaust? Lots of birds with one stone I’m thinkin.


Up until last week, manually, and shaking the bejeezus out of the bottle afterwards. But i bought a magnetic stirrer, and it’s on the way. I’m out of nicotine until later this week, so I’m not mixing right now. I’m busy running down another part of the rabbit hole: coffee bean extraction


Magnetic stirrer all the way. No heat plate needed or wanted. Depending on the batch size, I will leave them in the beaker, on the stirrer, for anywhere from an hour up too 8 hours (1,000ml or more).
One of these days I’ll break down and get a sonic or a homogeniser, but until then it’s magnetics all the way.


@CallMeTut yeah sorry I forgot to add that but I can’t currently edit the poll, maybe @JoJo can to add ‘frother’ and ‘none of the above’ in?? @JoJo do you find any difference in using a frother?? randolf that sounds like a real good idea, you could just file an old blade off so it wasn’t sharp at all to be safer? @SensesTaker you’ll have to let me know if its any good when you get it ! @Flavologist ahh I really would like to try something else more out of sheer curiosity then anything else


I don’t think I can edit it after the fact either. Sorry. And not really, but I haven’t really paid that much attention. My philosophy is “Juice is good? Okay then, that works.” LoL. Next time I mix I’ll do two batches of the same juice and shake one and froth one and see.


I will link to the one i bought if it doesn’t suck. Speaking of the devil, i got my nicotine just a minute ago. NicRiver is really fast! I just ordered it on the 16th. Now waiting on the stirrer. Taps foot


no worries :smiley: and @SensesTaker sounds good


I just look at using my frother as a lazy persons way of doing an extra good shaking… like shaking vigorously for 5 or 6 minutes in 15 seconds time.


Depends on the size of the mix but you are missing overhead stirrer from the poll

Magmix for smaller batches O/H for big batches


I use my sawzall with a long blade and a hose clamp 15-30 seconds full blast and it’s nice and frothy then put it to bed.


I use a small wand mixer(not covered on your poll, so I went with “Manual Stirring”). I mix directly into squeeze bottles and then use the wand mixer in the bottle. It creates a helluva vortex in the bottle, and gets everything nicely mixed up. I wait until about a day before I vape the juice to add nicotine, shake the ever-loving snot out of the bottle to mix in the nic, and then let it sit for a day.

I’ve just gotten my sander back from my father-in-law, so I’m going to use that for a shaker since my hands/arms/neck have been bugging lately. Shaking for extended periods just kills me, so I’ve been looking for other ways to efficiently shake bottles of juice. I tried a reciprocating saw, but that didn’t go so well…(Pro Tip: If you do this method, make sure you have a dull blade in the saw BEFORE you strap a plastic bottle to the blade!)