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How to make juices super sweet?


One of the my deciding factors for jumping into DIY (besides giving my bank account a break) was because commercial juices were just too sweet for my palate. Seems like some of these companies use sweetener more as a filler than an enhancer. Just not understanding how some people try to replicate that. :confounded:


I personally love the really sweet stuff. It’s what I prefer. I prefer to have a really sweet vape that still has flavor, like how most of the Candy King line is to me. Very sweet, but still bursting with flavor.

The extreme sweetness is also what I’m trying to copy about a local B&M shops juice. It’s an awesome blend of Boo Berry Crunch, but extremely sweet. The flavor profile is all over the place, in a good way, but very very sweet. So far I’ve tried three different “similar” recipes I found on the other end of this site, and none of them came close in any way.


There’s a fine line for me between flavorful and fucking gross!
But at the end of the day it’s all about the vape, so if that’s your thing I wish you luck.



I wish somebody could make a 1,000 layer vape juice that covers everybodies taste preferences and tastes great. Then we would all be vaping the same damn thing. Maybe made from unicorn tears.

Anybody have unicorn tears for sale? Specifically from the ultra rare breed that roams Alaska.


commercially made juices are loaded with sweetener at least 2% or more