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How to make juices super sweet?


I’m curious to know how commercially made juices get their flavors super sweet. Like Candy King Lemon Drop, that stuff is very sweet while very lemony.

I’ve followed recipes exactly as posted, with people commenting saying that the mix is very sweet. I just don’t get the same level as sweet as people described. I’ve used different concentrates like marshmallow, cotton candy and various other sweeteners depending on what the recipe calls for without luck.

Am I doing something wrong? Or could it just be too much or too little added for my taste buds?


sucralose (but other sweeteners) and steeping


I’ve used TFAs sweetener a few times and didn’t get anything very sweet. I mean it was sweet, just not very sweet. I also tried it right after mixing, and after a two week steep.

Now that I think about it, I may have answered my own question in the first post. I may have over/under sweetened with it…


TFA sweetener is half maltol and half sucralose, and it’s very light on both… maltol isn’t a heavy sweetener and it can easily mute flavors when overused.

Super Sweet from CAP is better to get it really sweet. If you don’t want the additional ingredients (listed on capella’s website), you can dissolve your own sucralose crystals in PG. I believe sweetener from FLV is sucralose as well, but you’d have to check on Flavorah’s website to be sure.


Did not realize this, although I’ve probably read this info several times. Just proves that I need to read more, mix more and pay attention better!


If you look around on the recipe side of the site, there are some people who make their own sweetener stones (mixes of sweeteners). Might be interesting to have a look at what they use too.
There are multiple types of sweetening agents, like sucralose, maltol, ethyl maltol, vanillin, stevia and more. They all have their own distinct properties and flavor.
Sweeteners and “I don’t taste anything” are perhaps the most discussed topics in vaping forums so yeah, dig in and read up :wink:


I might want to get the hang of making simple recipes consistently that don’t call for sweetener first :joy:. Most of the stuff I’ve been playing around with are anywhere from 1-3 flavor mixes.


If you’re mixing other people’s recipes, there’s no problem mixing up very complicated recipes. I do recommend starting with the ones that are highly rated though…

When you’re new to mixing and you’re just starting to create your own recipes, keep it simple. Start with single flavors, get to know them and then start mixing them up. Initially, start without any flavor enhancers (like sweeteners, mentols, sour and all kinds of wizard flavors), check your juices and then you can add enhancers to enhance your juice if you’re not quite happy with it.

Over time, when you get to know your flavors and how they combine with others at different %'s, you’ll get better and you’ll feel more comfortable throwing a couple extra flavors in the mix.


Well I’m doing everything you mentioned. I’m mixing recipies posted on the other end of this site, mainly the most rated ones that I have ingredients for.

I’m currently doing both SF testers and trying to make my own recipes via trail and error. I think I need to take a few steps back and slow down. Focusing on less at first.


is perfect and i always drop any sweetner from mixes even if it is other peps


May I ask why? Just curious.


if mix is good but should be sweeter, sure add some but i dont vape sweetner, u may find enuff sugary taste w/o


i drop all additives to all mixes, u may find they are better w/o, lil learning thing u will find but i dont feel need to hide stuff w/ swetners.


I’d say taste buds “evolve” as well… while initially you’re looking for that ultra sweet juice, over time you’ll see that all that sweetness is rather annoying when you want to taste the underlying flavors.

There are always some flavors that have no natural sweetness, where it’s good to add a little something. Just start with a little, it’s easier to add more than to take it back out.


All this talk about sweetener reminds me of those Saturday morning cartoons…

Don’t drown your food



I’d say more, some of my sweeter feeling juices are low flavours highish VG, as the lower amounts of flavours do not lead to needing balancing with sugar and the natural sweetness of VG comes out.
Otherwise, plenty of sweetening flavours
Pear, melons, marshmallow, …


So expanding on this, I could use certain flavours that go well with the mix specifically to sweeten it? I knew the marshmallow can/will add just sweetness when used at certain percentages. Didn’t realize other flavours will do the same without adding flavour with sweetness.


As an exercise in learning flavors, you should have a look at this page and check the components list for the flavors that you have (and others if you have time):

You’ll be amazed how many flavors already contain flavor enhancers like maltol, ethyl maltol, vanillin and so forth. Some of them even contain alarming amounts of them.
You can make use of these ingredients without adding additional sweeteners. Not only can adding sweeteners mute your e-liquid, over-use of these flavors can already mute your juice.

TPA is one of the few (only?) companies who publish these lists. Other companies use similar ingredients and we can only take educated guesses about their contents.


I will for sure check that out. Thank you!


I’m going through this list but I don’t see any mention of the enhancers you speak of. Granted it is a very long list but I don’t see any information on flavor enhancers?
EDIT; NVM I was clicking the wrong things…the name where I should click “list”