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How would you react?


So here is the conversation I just had with a co-worker named Jamie.

J: Do you still have the mod Lester sold you?
M: Yes
J: Why don’t you sell it to me?
M: Let me set a few things up for you, see what you like, find the vape that works.
J: Cool! I don’t smoke at home because of the kids so I just need something at night.
M: So you are going to smoke during the day and vape at night?
J: Yeah
M: When you are ready to quit smoking come see me. I will give you everything you need to quit. I won’t sell you anything, I will give it to you.

This is the second conversation I’ve had about vaping with 2 different coworkers. The first wanted me to set him up to have soemthing to calm him between smoke breaks. I just laughed at him.

I’ve heard people say to those that slip that it isn’t about the cigarettes you smoke, but the ones you don’t that count. But if you come to me asking for a pacifier for those times you can’t smoke, I don’t feel the urge to help.

Is my thinking flawed?


I’m right there with you… I will bend over backwards to get someone to stop smoking but there are so many out there that really don’t know what they are missing in life by smoking as they have been doing so most of their lives this far. Some are not truly informed properly about the benefits that Vaping brings and don’t know what to ask to be informed they think it’s a crutch not an alternative. So maybe with the statement of when you are ready to quit come see me add that it isn’t a crutch or a get by it’s a alternative… I hope this makes sense.


Made perfect sense to me.


I hadn’t started vaping if it wasn’t for a mod I had access to and borrowed i.e. at night, while I was still smoking. I understand where you’re coming from and I agree that setting them up with all sorts of stuff at this point feels like a waste of time, but perhaps there is a happy medium; point something out for them that you think can soothe their needs. Let them get their own gear and liquids, but offer to show them how to get started and how to maintain it.

Maybe, just maybe this will be the little push they need to want to quit.


If I knew them and thought it would be hopeless to get them to switch, I would agree with not wanting to help. But then, being the sucker that I am, I would have a nagging feeling to help them out in hopes they would make the switch and not use it as a pacifier.


Not at all. I set a friend up with everything they needed so they could quit smoking. They lasted probably two days and went back to smoking, and vaping in between. No more free stuff from me. I’m overjoyed to help in any way I can if someone is actually going to quit smoking, but they’ll be sorely mistaken if they think I’m gonna help them vape just so their cigarette habit is cheaper. :rage:


And I should clarify, by help them vape I mean give them free stuff or sell them my stuff. I’ll always point someone in the right direction regardless of their reasons for wanting to vape.


That’d be my thought process. But if you don’t get that vibe from them then sell em the one they were asking about. You make back your dollar and they get a mod to not use while they carry on smoking :grin:


Your attitude is perfect in my opinion. You want something in between cigarettes then buy a cheapy at the convenience store while you’re buying your death sticks. If you TRULY want to quit smoking, I’m here for you. Sounds right to me…


I do see where you are coming from and will agree that on rare occasion someone who actually had no intention to quit finds out they enjoy vaping and wind up quitting the stinkies. Though I agree @TheTinMan1 should try to continue to guide these people in the right direction I also feel he should reserve any material giving to those who are in need and actually want to quit. Truth be told giving to someone who does not want to quit is invitation for said equipment to wind up in a drawer forever or even the trash heap…


I’ve had almost exactly this happen with a guy at work…initially I sold him the Tesla touch with a Griffin, I also gave him the Neuron RDA and a free bottle of liquid, (this is the same guy that gave me that gunked up coil to sort out) …then a week later I saw him out front having a cigarette…I asked him where his mod was, he told me it was on his desk giving me the excuse of (I’ve had a stressful morning so fancied a real one), I said ok and walked back in, went to his desk and took his Mod, he came back in and saw me putting in my bag, he got all squeaky asking me what the fuck I was doing so I just said ‘you don’t fucking deserve it’ and gave him his money back…I didn’t care…I could totally take him and he fucking infuriated me…that was about 3 months ago…he now has his mod back and hasn’t touched a cig in 2 months…he still thanks me for being brutal with him :relaxed:
That’s 9 people I have gotten off the stinkies and onto the good stuff.


I don’t mean he should give them anything but advice and some guidance when they’ve bought their own gear.


Interesting dilemma…

I’ve been in similar situations, but not identical. I was able to get most of them off analogs and on over to the vape train. I have a coworker who is having a hard time quitting smoking, and he has purchased many 120ml bottles from me. He doesn’t want to build so he’s trapped in the “gotta buy some more of these things, to put in my thing” game. He’s sub ohming and seems to get to coughing quite a bit at times when vaping. Have him on 3mg / 80v/20p mixes currently. He’s still smoking and can’t seem to give them up and IS vape/smoking. Tried to move him up to 6mg but was too harsh, but 3mg doesn’t seem to be able to pull him over the rails.

We’re experimenting with different mixes, flavors, strengths to see how to get him to where he needs to be. He loves vaping, but just can’t seem to kick the analogs. Guessing I answered your question, as I still sell him juice, and continue to try and find the magic mix that will work.

Honestly coming from a 2pk / day habit for over 25 years, I have NO CLUE how in the hell I kicked them, dripping, with ego batts and ego atty’s. No clue.


Yes, I understood that, and as you can see, agree with you…


I never have this dilemma where i live. I’m the only vaper i know of anywhere near me. I never see anyone else with any kind of gear ever. And the people that do smoke only tells me that my stuff is much worse than smoking.
At first i tried to inform them about vaping but i gave up and if they wanna stay ignorant who am i to stand in their way. So no trying to convert people for me since people around here don’t do change very well :wink:


My experience is that people are more apt to succeed if they buy in. I will direct them to a vape shop and even make suggestion as to how they may get started. I have a couple of friends now who work a local vape shop and they are very good at working with beginners. I will direct folks to see them directly. Giving someone something often imparts the sense that that something is free and of little value. Better they take the steps and spend the money to get started and have some skin in the game.


I would prefer to set them down and go through some websites. I’m glad you have friends at vape shops, but they require a lot of skin.


Only you know this particular guy and his tendencies. If you’re second guessing your reaction maybe talk to him a bit more and find out if helping him will really be helping or just enabling. I’ve had several friends ask for help with various things when I know they’re just lazy and mooching, then I have others that would help me hide bodies so I’d do anything for them in return.

Does he seem the type where, learning to vape without the pressure of “I’m QUITTING SMOKING” might gradually move him away from smoking? It can work that way for a lot of people. I know even while I was still smoking, the more I vaped the less I liked smoking which eventually made quitting very easy.


Its cigarettes OR vaping imo…

You can’t make someone vape but you can show them the benefits.


On a side note, it took me 3 years to be ready to stop smoking, I am sure the ill effects I started feeling played a big part in my final quitting period but vaping has allowed me to have that little fix but continue to improve health wise.