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Hurricane Florenece


Prayers out to everyone in the path of this storm.

I know @Mix_and_Hope is located out on the coast of NC. Truly hope you make it thru this storm OK.


Mega dittos @wvsanta and I didn’t realize @mix_and_hope was down there. Fingers crossed for him as well.


I think he is North of ground zero by a good bit but the storm surge with this storm is affecting the entire coastal area of Northern SC. and the entire coast of NC.


Bull City just sent out emails stating their shipping times might be delayed. I think they’re located in Durham, NC…although they’re more inland.


Thanks guys for the prayers and thoughts. We where all blessed it did not come inland at a CAT 4, the storm is still moving very slowly south, what it leaves behind will be flooding. that will take days to resend.
Last night , here in Edenton N.C. was very windy, with gust up 60-80 mph. and lot of rain. Today we have tornado warnings till 10 pm.
I was very prepared for the worst, now I got all this potty meat, peanut butter/jelly, sardines, to eat for the next hurricane or blizzard this winter !!


I use to go down to Duck and Salvo all the time, and didn’t realize how close Edenton was to the water. Stay safe @Mix_and_Hope


Now just figure out a way to make an e-juice out of that. :nerd_face:


We have a guy for that


LoL, I was getting ready to call him !!!


Windy here… forgot you are closer to the coast than I am…
Happy to hear you are alright!! :grinning:


Thanks @SmokyBlue :hugs:


Hey @Mix_and_Hope, glad to hear you’re going to come through to the other side mostly OK. Relieved to hear!

I’ve never been through a hurricane, not even on the outskirts. Where I live is Tornado Alley. Those puppies come through fast, unannounced, and move on before anyone can even send along well wishes! But this is hardly about me.

Hope you keep power, stay above the water line, and don’t have to dip into the potty meat.

As for this experience being the inspiration for a new juice? Maybe not… :sunglasses:


Anyone heard from @Beaufort_Batches


No, but Beaufort county got some strong winds and buckets of rain.


How are you making out @Mix_and_Hope have things started to drain down yet ?


yes alot better, but still getting some hit/miss rain, the rivers and sounds south of here are flooding way above flood stage


Checking in from Columbia SC … I’m safe but worry about the folks in NC. They got hit a lot harder than we did.


Talked to @SthrnMixer this morning and he is doing well. 20mph or so.


Got power today after being back 3 days. No major damage to my place but others lost it all.


Glad to hear you’re fine, man.