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Hyperlink woes


I did a flavor sort and copied the URL from the search result (below).

But when I try to paste it into a comment box the link truncates itself right where the blue text ends.

I am obviously hyperlink-challenged so can someone offer a solution?


Baxter… did you eat the whole wheel of cheese. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed.

I wish I could help you. Hopefully someone smart will come along.


Click the hyperlink symbol on top in the comment box


Paste the URL in the top box and put any name you want to give it in the bottom one and click ok

You’ll get this



Sorry, I should have been more specific. I’m trying to do this on the recipe side comments box. But thanx for the reply.


I have no clue what this even means! LOL


I thought I might’ve misunderstood :wink:
Maybe you can create it in Word or Notepad. You type in the address and click up top on insert and right at the bottom on hyperlink.
From there the process is the same. You could then copy and paste it in the comments and see if that works.
I don’t think the comment sections support creating hyperlinks.


Tried that. No go.


Then I’m out of ideas and we’ll have to wait for a real smart ass. I’m curious myself now.


Sorry. Wish I could help you help me.:slightly_smiling_face:


@TorturedZen I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. I tried, and succeeded in duplicating the issue you had, in the comment box, on the recipe side. I believe I see what the issue is, and @daath may have to chime in here as to whether or not it can be fixed or not. All regular URL or hyperlinks are pasting, and working correctly, what is happening is the ampersand is causing an issue. It appears as if as soon as you have an “&” in the link, that is what is escaping OUT of the URL or hyperlink or terminating it. This is probably being done to prevent malicious code injections, but Daath will have to respond. To prevent injection issues (security) many times certain characters are “escaped” out, to prevent things from being injected into databases, etc. That’s my guess.


no comp genius here but everything not included is not actually needed so just copy/paste http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavors?q=coconut+fa , works fine w/ same results.


But that is the un-sorted link. I’m trying to copy the sorted version. See my initial post.


Not that it really matters, but that’s not my account. Some user with poor coping skills decided to try and get me flustered by creating that fake account. I’ve asked to have it deleted but no one pays attention.

Anyway…I think you’re right about the parsing. Question is where will it sit in @Daath’s list of priorities? It’s not severe enough for me to get all jacked over it.

Thanx for your help!


Oh shit @TorturedZen I didn’t realize that, and whatta waste of time creating that account LOL. Well, I hope that gets sorted out for you, and it looks like for now, no &'s. :slight_smile:


Watching this thread to see if there is a solution!


It’s a line from the movie anchorman, Baxter is his dog lol




Sorry. Didn’t see this - I have been sort of away from everything for a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fixed this link thing though :slight_smile:


Who is this person pretending to be @daath?!?!?!? We all know he don’t come round here no more. :sunglasses:


That stings, man. :slight_smile: hehe