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Hypothetically If you sold your DIY creations


So far I’ve had no issues selling a bottle here and there to friends and co workers I usually charge 8$ a 30ml bottle and it’s kinda nice cuz it helps me clean out my steep drawer which at times has too much in it anyway! Trying to learn to just make a few bottles and let myself vape (catch) up to it so I don’t get stockpiled! Also if you want them to stop bothering you give them a failed mix for free and they won’t bother you for awhile lol


Well, friends+money can work, if you’re all very serious about things from the outset, and if you write things down. There’s a reason we have contract law, after all. I’ve run some fairly successful businesses with people I consider close friends (but we were generally business partners before we were friends.)

Eventually one of those businesses hit the wall, and there was a bit of squabbling over money, but I still consider my partners in that enterprise close friends. It helped that we had contracts spelling things out. I suppose it also helped that we were all entrepreneurs who had had businesses fail before, and we all knew that maintaining relationships with both partners and clients, and not looking like greedy jackasses to either, was a lot more important to our future prospects than winning a fight over the money we had left would have been.

It also helped that we had become very close by then- I would consider some of my partners in those businesses as close as family. That’s a double-edged sword of course. There’s nothing more bitter than a family dispute, and a “family” dispute between people who lack actual blood ties can get ugly indeed. But we were very close, and the fact that they let me take most of the money with me smoothed things over to a remarkable degree ;). We remain close.

That said, I think this might be a difficult time to start a juice business. If you’re wicked brave, wicked intrepid, and wicked willing to fight the system, be my guest. I wish you luck. But there are easier ways to make money, ways that don’t involve fighting federal agencies. That’s the sort of thing I hate to see in a business plan- “1) fight the feds” is a precipitous first point.


I’ve experienced similar interactions with folks… bent over backwards for them, only to get shafted in the ass. :rage: I have an awesomely honed shit filter because of those interactions… that, in itself, was the best reward/payment I could have asked for in lieu of thanks or money. :smirk:


100% agree I found as I gave some away more guys at work are getting into vaping and are
thinking I’m just going to keep them in juice for free not happening!


I sell here and there…to close people i know. 20 bucks for 90ml…i have only had one friend that was demanding and always wanted to change my recipes…now she mixes her own. Its a relief.


Ya, unfortunately you will need to find something you can make that the guberment doesn’t have it’s paws into to make a couple mill first. One mill per flavor for the FDA testing and another mill for equipment, advertising, yada yada yada. And then hope like hell you can sell a lot of that one flavor. Once again the gubermental/industrial complex has created monopolies of those who can do the up front cost. I guess on the brighter side most investors want to invest a lot of money or not bother, but then you are working for someone else again. Basically owner in name only.


Yeap, that’s the de-facto purpose of the FDA, and all government agencies while we’re at it. But, you know, we’re for open-markets! Oligopoly? What’s that? You a commie or something?

Bah – I re-read a few books to help decide how I think of the borderline risk of war with N. Korea and I’m so bitter right now. . . .


Yea it’s all rigged now… such a shame