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Hypothetically If you sold your DIY creations


Hi guys and gals… So most of us on here LOVE DIY’ing. As you all know we freely share our creation recipes amongst ourselves. I have a couple of co-workers that I will toss free 10ml bottles of some of my WIP’s to get some honest feed back. All of us know that once you go down the DIY Rabbit hole there is no escaping it. It is a fun hobby but can consume you very quickly. A lot of us dont have unlimited funds to by every flavor concentrate we desire or want to experiment with. I personally think it is ok to charge people (friends/co workers and referrals from the previously stated people). They can get good juice for a fraction of the price of “Premium” e liquid. How does everyone else feal about this? We all put a lot of time into researching and developing our masterpices and if others want to vape it without putting in the work themselves I dont think its wrong to charge them for it… Plus its nice to be able to vape for free… What do you all think is fair pricing for friends and family and co workers? “Hypothetically” of course :wink:


It’s yours, do with it as you please, as long as its the best quality you can make and people are happy to pay, then I don’t see a problem with it.


This topic has been discussed before ( link below).

I see no issue outside of the legal implications.



Ethically and morally I’m gold with it. Legally, watch your ass. Practically, I would not. I tried it with mixing and mastering bands. Next thing I knew we were talking deadlines and all kinds of shit I wanted nothing to do with. I’m pretty sure there were some hard feelings when I cut the cord. Same experience with photography. Are they done yet? Can you change this? It sure would be cool if… May or may not be a reasonable comparison but I simply don’t want to be obligated to practice my hobbies. Really diminishes the fun for me.


You sell that shit man, a lot of us on here do the same, help people stop smoking, most of what I sell is first time recipes and they love it, plus we can provide what the government can’t now, double wammy, use the money to increase your inventory, create more recipes, get better, help more people…

Got my vote dude :+1:


I guess in my world, the word “friend” is a loaded one. Every acquaintance wants to be your friend, and you can tell them they aren’t or let them go on thinking they are your friend. That said, there are some friends I would just charge cost of materials and supplies, which I have a complicated excel workbook to calculate for me. Other “friends” I’d charge them a flat fee, something that would be far far lower than they’d even pay for garbage juice mixed in a dirty bathroom. Say like $20 for 120mls or something. Family, its another thing entirely. Some people in my family that I mix for are senior citizens on fixed incomes, and I can’t say I mind all that much going out of pocket for them. If a family member’s means are such that they can cover the cost of the supplies, it is appreciated. If they are a pain about it, demanding, ungrateful, petty, or otherwise, they can pay more. I don’t see any problem charging for mixing recipes you get here, at least among friends and family, and I’m sure there are plenty of retail mixes that came right from here or reddit and get sold for premium juice prices.


Exactly! It’s not about making a profit I like to spread the love… and anyone who wanted to start mixing themselves I’d be more than happy to sit down with them and show them the ropes and direct them to our awesome community! Anything to get people and keep people off the stinkys


I mix for my mother in law and she can afford to pay but she doesn’t pay a fraction of what she paid for store bought juice… and it all goes back to buy more flavors and supplies… plus the juice that she likes I won’t touch with a ten foot pole lol she likes tfa grape candy @11% yuck so I keep that flavor just for her lol


I look at my family (dad and mother in law both vape now because of me) when they send me money it’s just a donation to the cause :slight_smile:


My mom vapes tpa grape juice at 20% plus 2% koolada, its disgusting, but I mix it.


I have a guy and a girl that have an orange with 7% ecto cooler and 18mg…I have no idea what it tastes like…fuck that…


Yup fuck that! Not even in an ego style set up


@Jayrell, I mix for family, friends and for profit (don’t worry, my commercial line is 100% my own skewed up creations), I charge a flat rate of $10 per 30ml, unless it’s one of my new mixes that I just need raw feedback on, I use a closed group for that, with a few legal stipulations, because those might eventually go on the “shelves”. (gotta beware of the "cuttwood cut-throats out there.)
Depending on how close of a friend they are, I would charge at least close to house juice price, usually around the range of $10 in my area.
It might sound kinda high, but given the price of flavorings, nic, PG/VG and your own time mixing/lab supplies, steeping/shaking, they are still coming out with a deal.
Just make sure you calculate in some extra for buying new flavors.
Of course, if you’re mixing larger quantities, drop the price a bit.
I try to show those who buy often a little love from time to time, by giving them a bottle of the newest mix (after its been group tested and none of them were rushed off to the hospital :laughing:)
They get one of the newest creations and sometimes they start requesting it (That’s when I start considering “shelf testing”).


I sell to a few people at work. They want to save a few dollars from buying “premium” juice and I enjoy them not buying cigarettes. Its a win win.


Oh yes, discussed and discussed a couple times


Ethically, I’d be fine charging people more than my actual cost. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars, probably thousands, on flavors, lots of hours single-flavor testing them, and lots more hours working on recipes. The hours are much more expensive than the flavorings. I charge a significant amount for my time.

That said, while I don’t mean to be an asshole, I would have to sell a lot of juice for it to be a worthwhile business proposition. If I had billed clients for the amount of time I have put into learning to mix… well, luckily, I consider mixing a hobby, so I don’t have to think about it.

I’d sell someone my latest concoction at not much over cost of materials. I’d even send it to someone for the cost of postage, just for some feedback. The time I’ve put into it though… I’d charge a client five figures for that much time.


I would love to sell my NET creations! :sunglasses: And I’d price them right below the going rate on any other NET vendor site. Not that the end product costs all that much… it’s the time, effort, and glass bottles for which I would be charging.

Problem is… I know, eventually, I would get that cease and desist letter from the FDA for selling tobacco products. Someone would eventually rat me out or somehow :eye: the FDA would find out I was in the business of killing children with my evil, devil piss, tobacco eliquids! :japanese_ogre:


I’ve gone in for selling stuff to acquaintances and co-workers. My advice is don’t. Unless you want mixing to be your job, don’t because if you’re any good they will try to turn it into one – and that’s fine with strangers, a bitch when it’s people you see every day.

Nowhere near the worst ended relationship I’ve ever had, sadly, but there was one involving my writing that got pretty damn bad before I just said “fuck you” and walked away. None of the times friends or family have asked me to work on their computers have gone at all well. etc.

Also selling stuff to friends is like the inverse of loaning them money. It’s just bad. Like, I’ve given friends money, but I also said something like “look, if you can pay me back fine, but just take this.” I gave out exactly 1 straight-up loan, never got paid back, never bothered to argue about it, I just stopped talking to that person.

I would give people small bottles of my new flavours to see what they think, but yeah, no way I’d go in for selling unless I wanted to make a job of it.

Oh, worth noting – if someone I knew was good at mixing and gave me new flavours from time to time, I’d give them like 20 bucks every few times they did it, and make a point of not really talking about it :stuck_out_tongue: And I’d accept the money if I was giving someone stuff and they just handed me a little money. If they talked about it tho I’d refuse.


If i could legally mix and sell enough juice to replace my day job salary i would do it in a heartbeat!! lol Unfortunately thats probably highly unlikely so it will stay as one of my favorite hobbies :slight_smile:


Friends+money=Bad Time.

I learned that one the hard way as well. Damn near lost my best friend(AKA Brother from another mother) when we decided to go into business together. Everything was fine for the first month, but when the bills came due, everything went straight into the septic tank right quick.