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I could use some advice


Before tpd all my favourite juices were cheaper and readily available but all my favourites are American made and now you can’t get them for love or money


Yep. Exactly what got me to stop buying liquids alltogether (before that I vaped a mix of bought and home made ones). The 10ml limit helps no one but big tobacco, because people quitting smoking won’t try out vaping so easily if the juice is pretty much as expensive as smoking -.-


I’ve seen people selling the hard to get juices at rediculous prices. One guy wanted £140 for a 50ml bottle of trap queen by nasty juice just because it’s unavailable from retailers. Usa you don’t know how lucky you are


I have seen a 1l bottle base with 72mg/ml go on facebook for 135 Euros, lol


Probably the same guy and he’s probably called capone :joy:


Thanks @RobynRye for stepping in with the correct reply. I personally don’t know much about how things are over there and nic shot or 500 ml empty bottles, but you cleared things up… Thanks again.


There’s a perfectly working calculator right here at ELR


That’s cheap, Pink-Mule is now selling their nicotine in 10 ml bottles of 18mg/ml. If you want a litre=100 bottles, you pay 149.50 Euro :unamused:


Cheapes price for 20 mg shots I have seen is 89 cents. Crazy world!
If I ever go bankrupt there is a few litres of Nic Base in my freezer which obviously now is woth a little fortune, lol


Nice one, thanks


@RobynRye if I’d known it was going to be this bad I’d have stuck to the cigs (or stockpiled my fave juice)


Same here :laughing:


shiiiit…I’d better get a beefier padlock on my summer house…and maybe another on my freezer :flushed:

and maybe stop telling the world I have a lot of nic in my unsecured summer house and freezer …:neutral_face:


Are you afraid I’m gonna raid your house? I’m not interested in your meagre 7.5 litres of 72mg/ml :rofl:

Waaaaay too late for that :joy:


nine!..I’m like Oprah rich :money_mouth_face:


Right, I’ve got my bolt cutters packed and am on my way over :sunglasses:
Do you want a hard break in or a soft one? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Now there’s a question I haven’t been asked in a while…:flushed:


I keep hoping to run into a shady character with a load of space jam so we can do a deal. Like a damn drug deal! “Yo I got particle x in 3mil, it’s sweet.” “I’ll take 100ml” :joy:


psssst just go down to the park across the street from Ye Olde Vape Shop …look for the pair of flip-flops hanging over the electric power line …bring cash.