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I hate menthol.... Well maybe i can be won over..lol


So long story short
I cant stand methol, except today i was making a recipe for my gf who loves menthol and just playin around and when i sampled i was blown away instantly
I had to post this right away before it slipped my mind its super tasty and SNV certified 100%


I am in the same boat, hating menthol, but one flavor i have been surprised about is Cool Mint CAP, which have a very pleasing and fresh mint taste to it.


Ya its weird to find out that somthing you find so distastful can still be sooo good in the right recipe


In small amounts it can make fruits pop. Add Kool Effects or Koolada to give it a chilling effect too. Wonderful feeling. Blackberry has to be my favorite with menthol.


Whos blackberry is the winner ? I have avoided due to so many mixed reviews but have wanted to add it to the line up


Capella Cool Mint is a lot easier on the cols than menthol… and sweeter.


Blackberry is good if you don’t use too much :slight_smile:


I love FW Blackberry reg and FW Natural Blackberry.


Awesome im a fw fan so its comfortable knowing that i already like most of their gear
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


I’m a no menthol kinda person, too, but I do like FW Spearmint and Flavorah’s Creme de Menthe. A creamy mint flavor is nice sometimes. :slight_smile:


I use to smoke menthol stinkies, so naturally when I started vaping I assumed that a mentholish juice would be in order… WRONG . I hated any type of menthol juice whether stand alone or in a recipe.
**Except there was one menthol flavor that I actually did like. It was Wintergreen. I use to get it from a guy (company) out of Texas. He/his company/store was called Vapin’ Viper, unfortunately he went out of business and I haven’t bought any since. I know it’s out there, I think TFA has it, but I’m not sure.


I use menthol on hot summer days to get a nice cool vape. I also use it clear my sinuses when I get a cold. A good strong menthol liquid is @Pugs1970 Cobweb Cleaner. I always have it on hand. The black ice I have made is also divine. Great on hot days.


I feel your pain… I call it a coil killer flavor.

Its hard to get the taste out if you end up not liking it

I will never get why ppl like menthol … Ive made alot menthol mixes …

I havent tried cactus but prolly helps… I did one with menthol clove honeysuckle kiwi dragonfruit. She says they are all good but she is more picky about the type of menthol … Theres cool … Icey ones… Sweet … Mixes of all three. one and another…
Itll change the whole.flavor of the juice . but personally cant do it … I can never be won unless its not menthol lol…

But having her has helped me be alittle more understanding about it without gagging from menthol overload.


Is there a recipe for your Black Ice on site? Or is it a “special reserve” type thing?
I can’t find @Pugs1970 cobweb cleaner either



Thanks Anne. I swear I looked for it and couldn’t find it. :kissing_heart:
Shouldn’t you be in bed asleep?


You’re welcome! Wicked ass searching skillzzz :grin:

Yes, I most definitely should


Take 25, hope this helps.