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I have a question I'm kinda hesitant to ask


My sisters 9 year old dog is very ill and she’s started a gofundme page for him.

I’m not asking for any money here but I would really appreciate it if people would share the link to her page on social media so more people will get to see it.

You can find her story here

There’s also a Paypal link that people could use if they are outside of the US.

I really don’t like going this route and have never done anything like this ever but it’s my sis and I want to help.

This is Beau feeling very sorry for himself

And this is Beau in his usual pose, perked up a bit and doing well on medication.
He even wanted to go out for walkies today :smiley:

Any share is really appreciated :hugs:


Cute lil bugger. Hope she gets lots of support.


I want to thank everybody for their support but unfortunately Beau didn’t make it.


I’m very sorry to hear that @Josephine_van_Rijn.


My condolences. I’m sure he was very well loved.


Sorry to hear that. Hope all is well.


Thanks guys and yes he was well loved and had a great life, it was just rather short unfortunately.


@Josephine_van_Rijn I have been down that road many times, so you are not alone in this. We will keep you and yours, in our prayers.


Thanks man, yeah, the downside of pets.


So sorry to hear, pets are like family, I have 3 cats 3dogs, 1 rooster, would hate to loose any of them, the ones I have lost I feel your pain, wish the best in recovery.


It was my sisters dog but yeah, I had 3 dogs and lost the last of the 3 just over 3 months ago and from the 7 cats I had I have 3 left. You never get used to it.