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I need a doughnut


hey guys I’m looking for a good doughnut recipe that actually tastes like a good glazed doughnut! please help


this works for me man, I’ve tried a few and this is by far my favourite doughnut concentrate



thanks man !


Can definitely recommend doing a search for Krispy Kreme and EJAB on the recipe side. One of my favorites!


Another flavour to put on the list! This is getting expensive lol


haha nope its totally worth it. if I’m juiced up I’m happy ! :slight_smile:


Anyone find a decent doughnut vape yet? I got cap glazed doughnut and wOw (FA), just curious on what to use it in, gonna mix up the flaweless by dunkndrip?

Some of the ones I’m trying are follows:


Good luck with the Cap Glazed. Anytime I’ve used it over 2.50%, it’s gets playdoughy on me.