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I Need Help With Adding A Flavor To A Mix


I recently mixed the Golden Ticket clone/remix from DIYorDIE, and it is amazing. It tastes like chocolate milk and is better than Ninja Man’s chocolate milk. I had an idea to add peppermint to it to make a mint chocolate milk. I only have FlavourArt Peppermint currently. Will that be enough to get the mintiness that I am looking for? I also have Koolada and Menthol, but I want it to be minty and cool like a peppermint patty. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with what I have or do I need some other flavors to get what I am looking for? Here is the link to the Golden Ticket clone/remix for reference. https://diyordievaping.com/2016/03/25/golden-ticket-chocolate-milk-remix/ Thanks!


Looks like you have what you need. Just go low on the peppermint (like maybe 1.5% for background), then add a drop (literally, a drop) of koolada for the cooling effect. If it doesn’t give the desired cooling, just add another drop. The peppermint alone is full flavored but lacks the cooling effect you would expect.
I wouldn’t add menthol to a chocolate recipe. It doesn’t blend well with chocolate flavors, in my opinion.
Hope this helps.


Awesome! A drop per how many ml do you think. Obviously, one drop in a 100ml bottle wouldn’t be enough so I was curious what you thought would be a good ratio.


It’s pretty powerful. I usually do a drop per 15ml. but I think it might be a bit too much for this mix, so I would recommend starting with just a drop for every 30ml.
At 1/10 ratio it has an intense cooling effect.
Better to start low and go up, than starting high and ruining a mix.
Koolada really doesn’t need a lot of steep time, so you could add it to a completed mix after steeping. If you find the sweet spot you’re after, just let it sit for 8 hours and it’ll be at its maximum flavor (it’s a little more intense when added and vaped, than it will be after an 8 hour rest.)


Capella Cool Mint 4%-6%