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Hey all,

Been trying to vape since 2015 with little success. Then, in Feb 2016 I thought sod this and decided to vape only. Bought an MVP pro 3.0. June last year i found my one true vape - Zeus Juice DimpleBerry. Been on that ever since but am now looking to roll my own.

So, 15 months, 3 Mods (I don’t count the start pen thingy’s) and 5 tanks later here I am!


Nice one! Good to have you here :grin:


Having smoked a pack a day at least on and off for about 25 years (more on than off) i tried everything to quit, but for some reason or other was always unsuccessful. Started vaping Dec 30, 2014 and haven’t looked back
"Approved" smoking aides didn’t work for me, I tried them all.
Cold turkey - just didn’t have the willpower i guess
The gum - Have had some jaw surgery - bone grafts and the like which means that I have a bit of dental work, that stuff sticks like glue, not to mention that it dried out my throat the nicotene burn on my tongue and throat just wasn’t a pleasant experience.
The patch - tried this many times, it was OK, but always after 2-3 days, I would get chronic muscle aches in my arms and shoulders. first couple of times I put this down to the chemical changes occurring but eventually correlated the two. Could not move my arms without pain - put them above my head? impossible without a bottle of advil or scotch…
The pills - yeah, those things mess with your head. Quitting by suicide is effective, but not productive in the long term.
Anyways, on a slow day at work where I was able to get away from my desk, went out for a walk and saw a new vape shop downtown. Figured what the hell, haven’t tried this yet, I’ll throw $100 at it and see how it goes. Picked up a little eleaf 20 or 30 watt mod and a tank. The first week of transitioning from smoke to vapour and getting used to the new texture in the throat was the hardest (And I believe that this is what turns people off from switching from analog cigarettes to digital ENDS.) but haven’t looked back.
The results and the change were amazing and fast. After a week, when I could finally take a full lung draw (without choking on the vape), I could take a maximum 2.5 second inhale. That’s how little my lung capacity was (I had no idea). Within that month, all the black and green sludge started to come out (not a pretty sound or sight) but my lung capacity increased so that I was hitting the 10 second shut off regularly, my daytime wheezing as well as my nighttime snoring was reduced.

Now I go down and vape with the smokers, (hell, we are overwhelmingly all ex-smokers ourselves, so we can’t be preachy or holier-than-though to who we used to be) and I’ve actually gotten a number people who have asked me about vaping to give it a try. Over half of them are avid vapers today. I keep a cheapish mod (with internal battery that is USB chargeable to keep it simple) and tank at home which I lend to people who want to try vaping relatively investment free but are leery of the investment. We book an hour, and I take them over to that same vape shop (or one closer to home if it’s someone out here) with a pad of paper to do some taste testing. I find as long as people have some support, and are informed about the transition process and have some foreknowledge on where they will find it hard, they are consistently for more likely to find that it works for them as well.


Welcome to the club! I’ve been here 24 hours and it already feels like home :slight_smile:


Welcome! And I love the name. :laughing:


Great story Harry and welcome in. Ya I’ve (Loaned) out my Aspire K1 and VV stick a couple of times to people I know who inquired about them. Got one off and the other I feel will be back to try again.


@HarryVajina good stuff. Welcome to the LAST website you’ll ever need. :slight_smile:


My niece is a dual smoker and I discovered she is not too savy on the liquids and she was only getting 0.3 ml nicoteen.
If you dual smoke then your nicoteen level is not high enough and when people introduce you to a juice, they maybe able to cope with low levels, I ignored what people told me that high nicoteen was throat burner and started on 12 ml and just worked my way down to 4 “At The Mo” I was an avid “Im Not Quitting Smoking” and if I could do it “Dam” anyone can, I cant remember doing without a ciggie for one day since I was 11 “Sounds Bad I Know” But I don’t see myself as a non smoker , I’ve Just Switched Brands Lol


I QUIT SMOKING last year August, well, I started sooner with vaping but was still mixing with the old analogue sticks. In august I threw away my lighters and ashtrays after 20 years of smoking 2 packs a day. Tried the patches, tried the gum, tried the books and also tried the cold turkey. Nada.

But vaping made the transition so smooth, I was skeptical, but it really works very well. Just have enough battery life in the beginning to keep going. After a few weeks you notice the benefits like smell and taste … best choice ever! Finally free from the smelly sticks.


Whoop! Well done you :+1::smiley::facepunch:


Hi All…
I am new to the forum and thought this the best way to introduce myself. I quit smoking exactly 50 days ago today. Smoked for 20+ years. I really enjoy vaping and wish I would have tried it sooner to help me quit smoking. Once I started vaping I had zero issues going back to a cigarette. For me it was immediate relief. Even after only 50 days I feel so much better in terms of breathing and smelling things.
I’ve already taken the plunge and started trying to craft my own e-juices after much research on this site. Glad I found you guys and look forward to contributing more in the future.



Welcome in and congrats on the 50 days. You’ll find this a great bunch of folks and most ready to help in any way we can.


O Boy Did Not think you would ever get here Glad you did. Congrats ,Welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for all these wonderful stories. I obviously didnt read them all but the ones I did read were super inspiring. We were all a slave to cigarettes. And vaping saved our lives and our pocketbooks.
Congrats to every one!
Me and my husband started vaping in april of 2016. Once we got comfortable, we challenged ourselves. I make our juice, he builds the coils.
We save even more money! This site is amazing! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,
I am not really new to this forum, although I have not posted until now.

I started smoking in 1960 at the age of 12. I had a neighbor who was 2 years younger than I and he used to get his mother’s Chesterfields for our use. That was when I started pretty much full time as a smoker.I did not stop for the next 52 years. By that time I was smoking 2 to 3 packs of Camels a day.

On July 16, 2012, I bought my first e-cig and never touched another analog. I have been vaping ever since. I started mixing my own juices a few years ago. I have a dozen different tobacco flavors that I use. Once in a while I will mix something other than tobacco flavor, but not often.

I am not real sure whether or not the flavors taste like tobacco as it has been so many years since I had a cig, but the e-cig seems to work for the most part. Some days I have a real craving for an analog, but still fight it. I can smell a cigarette from a long distance off and still get close enough to get a good whiff of it. To all the quitters that told me it smelled bad I say, wrong. Just my opinion.

About a year ago, I quit vaping for 6 months, but went back to it. Much of the time I mix with no nicotine at all, but add some every now and again. Not sure just what that means, but guessing now just a habit and not an addiction.


Congrats on quitting smoking, David! My story is similar to yours in that I was a long time smoker. I had smoked for over 30 years and was smoking almost two packs a day when I tried vaping. I had no real intention to quit smoking analogs at the time. I enjoyed vaping and over a very short period of time I found myself smoking fewer and fewer cigarettes, and then I was able to just quit altogether. I have not smoked a cigarette since 2013 and still enjoy vaping and making DIY juice as a hobby. I now find the smell of smokers and cigarette smoke to be repulsive.

The health benefits have been huge! My blood pressure returned to normal, I am not winded, and I no longer cough up a lung every morning. I feel so much more healthy and have experienced no adverse health impact from vaping whatsoever.

The key to quitting for me was to make sure there was enough nic in the juice at first to satisfy the craving, and then slowly reduced that over time. I have lowered the nic amount in my juice over time from 20 mg/ml in the beginning to 3 mg/ml now. I could have reduced it to zero but still enjoy it a bit :grinning:. Happy vaping!


I quit smoking around 6 years ago.

I have heard of something like these electronic cigarettes.

Back then I didn’t shop on the Internet (oh my, has THAT changed with my new hobby!) and my hairdresser told me that she has a source for these electronic devices she uses for smoking now. So I call there and went - to someones private home, who then sold me some cigalikes (cause I refused any other form factor! Me silly…)

Well, I liked them and started reading on the internet, and ended up buying 2 EGOs a few weeks later, cause I wanted something that lasted longer…

Well, this was when I quit smoking completely.

My toys started getting bigger, I started making my own Liquid, because I didn’t want to rely on that little variety that was available in stores. As soon as I saw what Flavour Art had in stock I was hooked on making my own.

I still haven’t mixed more than 1 flavour yet. I took a long break reading about vaping, being happy with what I had. Then I came across that whole TPD2 stuff, and hopped back into things…

Oy, stuff had changed! Now, having bought a few Atties I can coil myself (basically everything… from RBAs to be independant with my “little ones” to RTAs, RDTAS and even RDAs for testing my liquid).

Now, that my hardware is pretty well set up I ventured on to make my juice even better - and that’s how I ended up here. I hope I can add the little experience I have (with lots of single flavours and base mixing) and learn from the vast amount of experience you folks have.

Almost 6 years now, and I won’t ever go back to smoking! My taste buds had exploded after I stopped, I could breathe again, stuff got easier, my medical tests all got better. And I gained a great, yummy hobby (which even curbed my snacking habits a bit)

Greetings from Germany, and vape on!


Welcome @RobynRye and glad you’re a “Quitter” too!! LOL. Am looking forward to learn from you as well as even the simplest of things can be complex to get right. :blush:


Hi, I quit smoking by vaping on Sept.8, 2016. My story is a little different though, I had no choice it was literally a matter of life or death. On April 12, 2016 I was diagnosed with lung cancer caused completely from smoking cigarettes. I was operated on & spent 7 days in ICU afterward. From then on I started completely vaping without the added cigarettes which was my preference before. Now?? Can’t stand the cigarettes but love the vaping more every day. I love the ability to make my own juices & swapping up on the recipes!!! Vaping Rocks!!! :slight_smile::grin:


Hello, My name is Mike and I have been off cigs now since February 11,2017. I as many others, have tried many different methods over the years including vaping with no success. I have been smoking between 25 to 40 cigarettes a day for over 30yrs. I will admit I was one of those people that really enjoyed my morning smoke and coffee and did not/would not give that up for anything.
Fast forward to the past year and numerous rounds of bronchitis and pneumonia with many visits to Doctor and emerg room, I was give the ultimatum. Quit or Die. So on the advice of the doctor I went to the local B&M store, explained my situation and that I had tried vaping before (vape pen) and was unsuccessful. The salesperson was very understanding and explained the differences between vaping now and 5 years ago and the array of equipment and juices that could be had for every vape style.
So having my new rig and juice and still being sceptical I went to my favorite watering hole, smoked my brains out for an hour (half a pack of cigs up in smoke) gave the rest away and started vaping. I haven’t looked back. I feel better,breath better and can do more now than I have in a very long time.
In the short 3 1/2 months I have been vaping I have never touched a cig and now am into rda’s and starting to mix my own juice (this is the hobby part that keeps idle hands busy) so I send a big Thank You out to the young fella that set me up with my first rig putting me on track to a healthier lifestyle