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Hi everyone,

Been lurking for the past few weeks. I smoked since I was 13, which easily turned into a pack a day by time I was 16. I loved smoking but knew I had to quit. I quit in November 2011, I felt great I never had the desire to smoke ever again… but then I went to a hen do last year in April and a friend offered me a cigarette (who had too quit) me being drunk accepting it and continued to smoke but only on nights out when alcohol was involved … big mistake! This turned into a full time habit once again.

I recently brought a vape and bunch of juices which I do love but my partner smokes so I find it so hard not to steal one or two during the day. I NEVER buy my own anymore which I guess is a bonus but how did you guys resist temptation ? Any help is so appreciated.

Ps this is a great group! So so inspiring xx


I only remember my date because I took pictures of my first vaping setup, but my cig quit date was June 12, 2014. Coming up on 3 years and as a former pack-a-day smoker I have not-smoked over 20,000 cigarettes thanks to vaping.


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Thanks Walt. :slight_smile:


VapingDream1, I converted my girlfriend (now fiance) and her mother and grandmother to get her entire family cigarette free, as well as my roommate at the time.
Here’s your battle plan: Really actually stop the cigarettes. You gotta use your willpower on this part. Find a vape flavor you really love and every time you think about smoking, remember how much better your vape tastes.
Go a couple weeks without smokes. Start talking about how much better you feel now that you’ve completely stopped them again. (you will, btw.) Politely mention it when your partner smells like cigarettes, or when they start the smokers’ cough point out how you don’t cough like that any more. (you won’t.)
Don’t badger your partner, but make sure you show them the benefits you’ve gotten from vaping. If they’re smart and reasonable, there’s a decent chance they will soon convert as well. If they start expressing interest, consider buying them a starter kit as a gift.


Thanks for your reply! I have offered to buy my partner a vape but he said he doesn’t need one he can quit whenever he wants and that he loves smoking so doesn’t want to yet… I can’t force him but would be a massive help to me. How long have you been smoke free for now ?


Congrats and welcome new folks! The only way I’ve seen conversion work on people who enjoy smoking and don’t want to quit is by the example of seeing how much you enjoy it and how much healthier you feel. This is how my kids converted me. The only reason I wanted to quit was to not die a long terrible death, I still enjoyed smoking a lot. The other thing that enticed me was how delicious it smelled even to my stunted sensed at the time. Best of luck! :grin:


Add to that I make my own delicious vape juice for a cost of maybe $2 a day and make big old melon flavored clouds. Much more enjoyable than smoking.


I started smoking when I was 16 and I’m 39 now. Typical start. Friends were doing it and I didn’t want to be the odd man out. It seemed to help me with the stress that I was going through in my life. Parents getting a divorce, being bullied at school, you know, all the stress of an adolescent teenager. Then I got the great idea of becoming a truck driver. Went from a pack a day to two and a half packs a day. Then the prices went through the roof. When I started smoking I paid $1.65 for a pack. Now it’s almost $6.00. It seemed I was working just to support my habit and to pay bills. My kids hated me smoking. They always were telling me to quit because they were afraid that I would get cancer. Then I heard an ad on the local radio station one day about a vape shop near me and I figured what the hell I’ll check it out. Glad I did. On 12/28/2016 I bought me first mod and tank, got some juice and never looked back on smoking. That was almost 6 months ago and have never felt better. My wife and kids are happy, my house smells better, and I feel great. Now I’m starting to try and make my own juices to save even more money in the long run.


Welcome to the fun house. If you haven’t already checked there are some great starter threads in the beginners section.

There are a bunch of very knowledgeable & helpful people here if you have any questions feel free to ask.



How do I resist? Well, for the first month I will admit that it did indeed require a little willpower even though I knew I got every thing I needed from my Vape. I stuck with it though and as of Nov 8 2016 I celebrated 3 years of non smoking. Let me tell you a little story that I now think of when I get tempted. After approximately 3 months of vaping and zero cigarettes I was at my shop doing some work (out in the middle of nowhere) and the coil in my vape decided to go out. I still had 3 hours of work to do before I could leave so by the time I could finish I was crawling the walls for nicotine. (Was still on 18mg at the time). Well I go outside and someone is smoking a cigarette so I broke down and bummed one from them. Oh my gosh, tasted like I had licked a DIRTY ashtray. I have not had a cigarette since that 1 nasty encounter when I was kinda forced to and whenever I am tempted I remember that last cigarette. I then hurriedly drove back into town and picked up a coil for my Vape. I was back in heaven once more…

I do have 2 suggestions for you. If your partner is smoking INSIDE the same house then nicely send them outside to do so. I would hate to start a riff with you and your partner however if you do it nicely I feel any CARING partner would be glad to do this for you. Second, ask them to not leave cigarettes laying around since it is a temptation for you to smoke.
Perhaps with slight help like this from your partner you will have a easier time. Good luck…


Hello everyone!! I’m new here and just wanted to introduce myself and I’m so excited to say I had my last stinky cigarette January 15th of this year and I can honestly say that I haven’t even wanted to pick up another one since I started vaping…wow, I really never thought I would say that! My husband and I bought vape pens from our local cig store more than a year ago and failed miserably at quitting. We hated the way it scratched the back of our throats so that only lasted about 3 weeks. I had no intentions to quit smoking when I came across our old setup this January but I thought what the hell, I’m just gonna see if I can at least cut down and I picked up the vape pen again! After watching countless videos and reading up on vaping and why we were experiencing the throat irritation I knew I could do it by finding what works for us! I ordered some flavors, new tanks, and some pg and vg with 24mg of nic only spending half of what I would have spent on a carton of cigs! Experimenting with the flavors and pg/vg % has become a hobby for me now. :heart_eyes: I live in a small town in Louisiana and I don’t see anyone vaping! I know they are here somewhere because there is 2 vape shops nearby but I buy all my supplies online to save money so I’ve never gone in.


Impressive story. I love it.


Hi and welcome…say hi here in this thread and share that great story!


What a great story! Welcome Crystal and congrats on quitting!


I quit smoking and switched to vaping 2/25/16


Just a few months ago I quit smoking after having been vaping a while. The decision to stop cigarettes was a personal health decision but I can share that I had toxicity issues going on, and disorders with mood, insomnia, vision, headaches, anxiety, many more, etc. Smokes were not the only factor but had to be eliminated at that point having already made dietary, nutritional, and exercise modifications. I was able to drop the Tobacco gracefully as opposed to continuing the struggle with my health and I am grateful that I was able to with the help of my creator. I’m not advocating that the vape is actually good for you but there is no comparison whatsoever to the health improvement margins that I experienced. It is quite simply astounding in the difference that it made. If you cannot find it in yourself to exit Nicotine this is the only way I know I could recommend that has also a pleasurable experience. I would also like to thank those who posted factual information about the toxins/carcinogen compounds in cigarettes. It really helped me to quit picking up. Also to e-liquid-recipes.com for assisting me in my new hobby of formulating my new recipes. It couldn’t happen without all of you so lots of love going out, I am very thankful! :slight_smile:


March 20 2017. Five weeks in!


It has been 2 years and 8 days since I quit smoking.


Congrats man. I bet you feel better already!


A week over your 2 year anniversary. Happy anniversary on your quit date and congrats!