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I received my Crown 3 today! Nanchaku Mod is next. Anyone else here winner of the 2 year giveaway?


i have not i meant to order it ty for reminding me today im not at work so ill order from vapenw if they have it btw happy mothers day


I have all 3 Crown tanks, do not have the Valeryn yetspelled it wrong I know. Sorry to Uwell, but my brain is on vacay for the rest of the year or my life. I do like my Crown tanks all have amazing flavor, thought maybe the Crown III would be too low of an ohm for me, turns out I was wrong. Sixty watts is about right, I have over the past few months have been vaping at a much lower ohm and higher wattage…when I use my regulated mods. Lately it has been a little bit regulated and a little more with my mech mods. I am used to now vaping around .2 which I find is a sweet spot .25 is much better which is why I try & build my coils around .25 ohms and 60-85 watts is now my norm. Go figure in almost 5 years of vaping I am at where some first and 2nd yr vapers are at. There are times when I have a certain juice in a certain tank on a certain mod I still will drop down to the mid to upper 40 watt area, just some juices taste better at lower wattage for me.


I don’t think wattage is based on how long you’ve been vaping. Just everyone’s preference of heat and best flavor. I prefer the 35-40w range for the most part. That is why I’ve been a little disappointed that all these new Uwell tanks are high wattage. I really wish they would make some lower wattage coils for them. I have learned I can handle them in the 60-65w range and still get decent flavor. Anything higher is way too hot. But, cloud production and flavor does suffer as most are built to be best in the 90-110w range. I love the tanks, but they seem to only be targeting high wattage vapers lately :frowning:


the Uwell Valayrian would be a great tank if it wasnt meant for 95watts and higher for me that ruined a great design


Me too :frowning:

65w is the lowest I can go and still get enough power to run the coil. Flavor is still good, but vapor production and full feeling vape is lacking :frowning:


Grats on the new avatar! :thumbsup:
I’ll always have a soft spot for the old one, as I’m a sucker for blues and purples…not to mention you’ve had it for so long lol. But it’s nice that you went with a personal pic! :wink: :hugs:


Lol…thanks. I’m sure I’ll go back to the rose in no time. Just had someone ask for a pic to put a face with the name. So I’ll let everyone see the real me for a short while :slight_smile:


did you evee get the EXO. i started to enjoy it a little more but ran out of stock coils


I think you’re beautiful and should keep the pic! :smiley: I LOVE your hair. One of these days I’ll get the guts to go crazy, but I think I should probably get a cushy job first and make sure my employer knows they can’t live without me before I pull any stunts. :rofl:


Anybody else find it impossible to remove the part with the filling holes from the glass tank, so you can change the glass.

I am stuck with the 2ml glass tank for my Uwell Crown III Mini as i can’t get that damn top off. Used pinch pliers, tweezers, in the filling holes to try and twist it off. It is just rock solid in there. Considering smashing the glass tank, as I think that is the only way I am going to be able to fit the larger fishbowl glass part on it.


Chuck it in the freezer for a bit see how that goes.


I always have trouble with that. I guess it’s a good thing cuz if it was easy to come apart it’d come apart every time you took the top off to fill, but it’s a PITA to get it off when you want to wash it or change the glass. I usually wind up doing the pliers or tweezers in the holes and twist. It always takes quite a bit of effort and I’m usually scared I’m gonna break the dang thing. Putting in the freezer first might help loosen it up.


I’m excited again. Uwell released their first mod kit and it’s a mid range vape!!! Finally. Called the Nunchaku. They also have a box mod, can’t remember the name, coming out soon. If anyone gets them please let me know which colors and how it goes. Not sure when us winners will get them, with the Valyrian they sent them out about 2 weeks after general release if I remember right?

Still in shock and so excited that it’s geared towards the mid range :star_struck:


It’s a lovely looker! :heart_eyes:


i really want that nunchaku kit , i actually asked @mjag if he would be reviewing it soon a few days ago … how do you keep winning these uwell products ? anyway congrats and please let me know how the Nan kit is


reread and answered my own question , im excited to hear your thoughts congrats @MysticRose


Wow, that is awesome, congrats @MysticRose

Uwell wasn’t at the ECC show but there is a vendor who has a couple Nunchaku kits but they were not for sale until the end of the show, going back today to see if I can pick one up.


Sweet! Let me know if you do please? I love to read reviews :smiley: