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I swore I had all I needed


“Price on life”. This rings true per many perspectives. Longevity, general health, and enjoyment. Hard to put a price on any of this. I have great difficulty comparing the cost of smoking to the cost of vaping. I hated smoking. The smell, the mess, the burns in things, they way I felt when I smoked. I purely enjoy vaping, building attys, home brewing juice. I dig programming my mods. For God’s sake, I even enjoy organizing the whole shebang and just looking at the paraphernalia. The two activities are non-sequitur. At best tangential per nicotine delivery although I sometimes vape zero nic just for the flavor. The value of my car and home have increased. I’m sure I could think about and make a laundry list of benefits. As long as my budget is balanced, I’m good. Just can’t compare.


What is your top strawberry flavor, if I might ask?


Well of course!

Ina strawberry, Ina shisha strawberry, and RF strawberry extract (pre-SC version). These won me over for being the most realistic/accurate flavors.

I plan on doing another “mini shootout” (with the 3 above) since I’ve added FA strawberry (red touch) to the arsenal, and am considering Purilum’s offering as well.

What lost me on the strawberry ripe was it just didn’t match it’s namesake compared to the others. Ina wild strawberry also placed very low FWIW. And the reason Cap’s S.Sb failed is because it’s a limiting flavor. It will only work in a recipe where you want strawberry candy. For me, you can candy a flavor on your own nowadays (FW hard candy, Cap jelly, etc) so a more versatile and realistic fruit can only be beneficial IMO.

Overall, I’ll need more time and experience with the “winners” individually before I pick a personal favorite. :wink:


Go big or go home!