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I swore I had all I needed


When I got this I thought it’s going to look funny because there just won’t be that much stuff in it EVER well how time has changed me or something

In the beginning there was space and lots of it!

And now I could use more space, but I’ll make do. Funny how we Vapers and especially us DIY’ers have a tendency to go above and beyond or is that overboard


“Get into DIY, you’ll save a ton of money!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice! I love stainless work fixtures. Ya, they look utilitarian but the maintenance is simply wonderful. Great choice!


iirc, i saw that in another post, u built it, build another :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I am about to order 20 new flavors myself so i may be sacrificing RL stuff from my bookcase to make room.


20 x 30 = 600 x 12 = 7200 a year on ciggs and that was minimum sometimes more i dont think ive spent that in the last 2 years , so for me huge savings , at first i was worried start up cost can seem like your not gonna save


You’re right, of course. Even counting the numerous new mods, batteries etc it still doesn’t add up to what I would have spent on cigarettes! :slight_smile:


lmao , i only know what i have spent and i had to break it down for my GF she kept saying OMG thought this was gonna save us money , so give or take a couple hundred im not even close , i keep telling her i could run and play with my kids which ive never been able to do without vaping my activities with my kids would be limited


@GPC2012 you’ve come a long way bud! :wink:
Amazing how these little rabbits multiply isn’t it?!!


I would be afraid to compare my little wooden “stash” box (the little 18 in. X 24in. Box I started this whole DIY journey with) too the wall of flavors I have now. Although, I would love to have 2 or 3 of those setups! Add a table for mixing and I might be able to keep from filling it up…
Who am I kidding! I would be making orders that night, just because there was room for more!


I just ordered a magnetic mixer for Pete’s sake. This is getting to be larger than my nail polish collection… :rofl::drooling_face::money_mouth_face:

Nice stash


Pffbbt. I did that on my first flavor order! LMAO
(only since I went and bought my first bottle of nail polish (clear) to protect the outside gradient marks on my syringes, which was a great suggestion from someone here way back when…)

Regardless. You have no idea how weird it was buying nail polish being a man. I’ve felt less uncomfortable buying feminine hygiene products for the ex, than I did that day. Lol


Yep these collections can definitely run away with themselves but I really wouldn’t care if I spent twice as much on vape gear than I used to on cigs, can’t put a price on life :ok_hand:
Im not killing myself or those around me, I smell better, I’ll live longer and last I looked…there isnt a forum full of awesome folk for people who smoke cigarettes :grin::wink::ok_hand:🖒


And gone to smoke…:joy: With nothing in our hands…


@GPC2012 Looks great, BUT, as you know, … it’s never enough (room) …


We still have saved money overall besides the amount we save on vaping there’s the whole medical bills we probably won’t have :wink:


And you know what I’m finding is when I first started it was all about how many different mixes can I make now we have our favorites and although good we just don’t vape some of the things I made. you can see the two bail top bottles and the Patron bottle on the sides then the five in the middle. those seven are the ones we mainly vape. I was always mixing 120’s and a few 240 ml batches now I make two in 240 and the others are 500 or above.

It takes a real earth shaker of a recipe to move me to expand my library of flavors


Yeah you especially need to stick around long enough to get that baby through all ten year of college to become doctor.


that’s what she said lmao


My biggest obstacle over the last year has been trying to find the right (or best) flavors out there.

With so many of the “more established” flavors being so firmly entrenched in “written history” (both forum wise, and oldest, most highly publicized or established recipes), or in the minds and taste expectations of vets who may not be as inclined to try all the new variants (as often times, it’s easier to stick to tried and true, or become a creature of habit) it’s been a BITCH to separate the veteran flavors (some of which retain their justly earned crowns) from the more recent, and truly improved offerings (vs the “latest flop” that’s all hype).

The only way to do it though, is with actual side by side testing. So while taking this approach has been (and continues to be) an almost exhaustingly long and winding road, it’s already proven on multiple occasions to be so very worth it!
The biggest surprise for me was having both TFA strawberry ripe, and Cap sweet strawberry rate at the very bottom of my strawberry shootout! That was quite the reinforcement that this approach is working very well for me! (Both were ‘ok’ flavors, just that I think there are far better options available now!)


Well at least if your place ever burns down the firefighters are SURE to nominate you for the"best smelling housefire ever" award :slight_smile:

I’m just getting into the game and i’m already amazed at how many flavours seem to be finding their way into my cabinet, along with a host of other goodies.