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I want a cigarette!


You got a link to this cigarette counter? Ive smoked about 10 or so +- in the past week, wonder how much I have already not given to the Big Tobacco companies. So tobacco flavors may want me to return even more to cigs? Maybe best to avoid that flavor? I was just browsing my vendor He has Marlboro flavor. And Cuban cigar. was thinking of getting this..but now It may be a two edge sword. I mainly vape now, fruits mixed with ice cream, cinnamon flavors.


Hmmm, cravings for a cigarette. Rarely and as far as monster cravings, never. Not sure if you can call this a craving but from time to time I smell someone smoking a cigarette and it smells good. Problem is I remember smoking a cigarette after 3 months of non smoking and it tasting like I had licked a dirty ashtray. I had gotten stuck out in the middle of nowhere and my coil went out in my vape. I was still on 18mg nic at the time and was crawling the walls for some nicotine........Though I don't necessarily crave a cigarette I do have a problem now and then of looking for my smokes when I crave my nic. Time for some nic and thinking I have to find my smokes. 47 year habits are hard to break. I soon realize with a smile, you don't smoke dude, find your vape........

Why don't I crave a cigarette? I think I can actually answer that question. As some of you know I vape no flavor juice due to allergy problems. My ADV, 365 days a year is just a slight sweetness with slight nic taste. Being I vape this all the time it was very much like just changing a Winston for a Marlboro. In my case changing a Marlboro for a Vape. I basically just changed brands in my eyes. I honestly feel this is why I don't crave cigarettes.............


I have found tobacco flavors aid in satisfying cravings. They have not made me want to smoke.


I think it depends on you. Some people really need that cigarette flavor in order to quit and some it makes them want to smoke. Don't beat yourself up for smoking. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. When you slip, get up and go again. It's not the end of 'quitting' when you fall off the wagon unless you make it the end.

I had a LOT of starts and stops since I started vaping (in 2009). Having better equipment has definitely helped. DIYing has helped also. It's become a hobby that I truly enjoy, and that helps keep my mind off wanting to smoke. I don't want to give up my new hobby. :wink: If you smoke inside, try forcing yourself to get up and go outside to smoke. That helped me, too. Having to go outside when it was really hot or really cold was a huge pain in the butt. It also helped to be able to smell the difference between clothing steeped in stale smoke and my nice, clean smelling house.


Ditto what @SthrnMixer said. But we are all different. What works for some, won't work for others.


ringling- You smoked for 47 years? Wow that is A LOT!
SoutherMixer- Great help thanks, I'll add 5 ml of flavors of Marlboro in my next order. Though in my 1st attempt i didn't like tobacco flavors.. Maybe best to mix just a touch in my ejuice.. like say 2% Marlboro, 5% Strawberry and 5% ice cream? I heard of a ejuice called Bubbas Country that is popular say it is like a fruit mixed with some tobacco, anyone try that and know the recipe?


Let me solve this problem for you. When you run out of cigarettes, don't buy any more. Watch how fast that habit goes away when you pick up your vape for your morning nicotine instead of a cigarette. You don't realize it yet but you do not need even one cigarette now that you are satisfied with your equipment and juice. You are just hanging on to your EX ADDICTION Notice I said EX ADDICTION.........


I have a 3 packs cigs still, Yup them lingering around don't help me at all! I may have to just give them away so they are nowhere near me. That for sure is a problem of mine. Cant have any cigs in the house at all.


You've heard of the saying, "Smoke em if you got em". Around here the saying should be, "You'll smoke em IF you got em". So, just don't get em. Certainly would not hurt giving the smokes away. .......


Better yet, give two packs away.... take that last pack on your quit date and drop it in the driveway, then run over it a few times, just FOR FUN!! :slightly_smiling:


Excellent idea!!! That actually reminds me of something I once did. I had a cast on my leg for around 4 1/2 months after a motorcycle accident. When that cast came off and I was able to walk again, myself and a buddy took my crutches and had target practice with them. Most fun I had had in months. Perhaps a little target practice might be in order?


Tobacco flavors are 99% of what I vape. There are some excellent choices out there in the ways of real tobacco flavorings; Inawera Dirty Neutral Base with any Hangsen tobacco is a good start. Hangsen tobacco flavors are made using the essence of real tobacco. Other vendors tobacco flavors are synthetic. With synthetic tobaccos, in order for them to taste worth a damn, the steep time is huge.....say three or four weeks. I've found the steep time with Hangsen tobacco to be fairly minimal; some are practically shake and vape, but others do require a few days to reach their tasty factor. Inawera makes some great tobacco absolutes; these too are a good way to get the taste of a full flavored cigarette or cigar.....1 to 3% in 10ml of base is all you need!

Should anyone not be able to find a suitable flavor right off the bat, vaping a store bought NET liquid will do much to appease the real tobacco craving. When that gets too expensive, make your own NET.....it's not that hard and it's fun to create your own tobacco flavorings. 😉

Lastly, if it weren't for tobacco flavored vapes, I'd probably still be rolling my own cigarettes today, killing myself, slowly but surely. 😔



Well I see I am not the only one. I get cravings almost everyday but like so many others I grab my cigar flavored vape that is higher nic then my others and then life is all good again.

About a month ago I spoke with my father-in-law about the craving thing. He smoked non-filter cigs from age 8 to age 40 cold turkey quite and he is in his late 70's now and he told me he still gets wicked cravings but they pass quickly for him.


I was smoking and vaping using kanger protanks, aspire nautilus and itaste 30s, while I was able to cut down on the cigs alot, I still couldnt quit. I bought an Aspire Atlantis setup and within a week I put the cigs away. Smoke free for 1 1/2 yrs now


Its gonna be one year smoke less in 2 days for me and i had a crave or two but just the smell is enough to make me turn around i just can't stand it anymore. I walk be people that smell Nic 100 all the time i cannot see myself going back at all But man when they smoke in movies the timing is always right and i reach for my vape every time !


Give them to a homeless person you will make his day for sure.


I ended up in the ICU for 5 days with Double Pneumonia 5 years ago this past September. On the way to the hospital I opened a fresh pack and lit up a cigarette. I took one drag and nearly coughed myself to death. Now I never litter. But I threw that cigarette out the window along with the pack and a $40 Zippo. I got admitted immediately to the hospital. They rushed me in an Ambulance to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and put me in a room. A few hours later I was woke up by a team of nurses grabbing my IV and my bed and rushing me up to ICU. My heart went into Afib and I almost died at the young age of 39. I never smoked again until this year.

June of this year I started vaping just for the hell of it really. My brain was already rewired and I had no desire to smoke again. A friend vaped and I asked to try it. A week or so later he sold me his mod and tank. A month or so into vaping my battery was dead and my girlfriend gave me a cigarette. I knew I wasn't at all at risk of starting smoking again. I smoked the entire cigarette. An hour or so late I smoked another while my mod was charging. Once charging was complete I went back to vaping and never thought about smoking another cigarette. I have though smoked a couple since. But I could never be hooked on them again. Almost dying changed me.


After 8 months of not smoking, the only early morning craving I get is to go back to bed and say F work.


ROFL! Now come help me up!