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I want a cigarette!


I have those cravings occasionally after eating. I've only been a quitter since August 7th, but usually I'll just vape and forget about it after a few seconds. With COPD there is no going back from me, personally I like living :slightly_smiling:


Now that I think of it - I have no cravings left for the vile tobacco sticks! :slightly_smiling: I was a morning cigarette guy too - Now I take a few drags of my custard in my nautilus and I'm good to go :slightly_smiling:


I still have a craving from time to time. Then i smell my wifes cigs. Then a vaping i ago. Hey thats a song. Kinda sticks too. A vaping i ago. A vaping i ago. Hi ho a maerygo. A vaping i ago lmao


I will celebrate 1 year cigarette free on Christmas Eve. This is the longest I've gone in 36 years of smoking. When I get that craving I reach for one of my 5ml bottles of FA's Tuscan Reserve, Glory or Shade single flavor mixes and my Nauty mini and the cravings go away.


Hey, I want to see some of your recipes @daath! I cant find you by searching recipes. . .but something tells me you know that (or I'm wicked stupid). What do you vape? I am very curious what the God of this realm vapes!


Ah, yes, I'm Lars on the site, and daath here :wink: These are my published recipes - some of them aren't mine, but they should be credited in the descriptions though! I'm mostly vaping banudding cake, g vanilla custardy ii and a few test things - one of them being the cheesecake base with forest fruits :slightly_smiling:


Ahhhhhhhh! Lip smacker.


Oh yea, cravings. Strong and as time passes less frequently. I keep a bottle of 12 mg/ml Black Honey and Bavarian Cream flavored juice around for such occasions. The nic hit along with the throat hit usually kills it dead in its tracks. Then it's back to 6 mg or as of late, 3 mg. I am working into 3 mg. :slightly_smiling: I don't think the desire to smoke will ever leave any of us entirely. Vaping is our placebo and our coping mechanism all in one tasty cloudy ball.

I started vaping as Ego stuff was the thing. That and drippers with mech mods.My ego stuff along with my mech mods went to friends that where trying to quit. With the advent of temp control, It looks like some of my regulated mods will follow the same path along with a sub ohm tank or 2.
RTA's and drippers are my chosen weapons lately. Or at least a sub ohm tank with a decent RBA in it.
It is a great time to be a vaper. Lets hope and pray that the FDA crap dries up and turns into white dog turds drying in the sun.


I don't particularly give a rats ass what the FDA does. By the time they get anything in place I will have a stash of flavors and juices built up to last me a good long while. Let them try to come into my home and stop me.


In my humble opinion, this is excellent advice. Our friend Jim, speaks the truth. I know everyone's needs, cravings, tastes and habits are unique. My personal experience basically mirrors Jim's comments, step for step.

When I started vaping, I had no intention of quitting my cigarette addiction. I was a pack and a half a day smoker for 45 years. I had switched from commercial smokes to RYO for the last 5 years of my habit, due to the skyrocketing cost of cigs. I could RYO them for $1.40 a pack. I was in happyland.

I picked up a vaping starter kit, while I was buying a pound of my fav tobacco. I kept noticing more and more customers hanging around the growing vape counter, at my local tobacco shop. I wanted to see what it was about. So, I got a starter kit and a bottle of Johnson Creek Domestic & Tennessee Cured tobacco flavored juice.

The store tobacco ejuice didn't do it for me. It was ehhh kinda close, and somewhat satisfying, but I treated it more like a snack. I'd hit the vape a few times, when I saw it sitting there, then I'd light up a cig, to take care of my real fix. It was a novelty. I did realize the potential was there. I was drawing in 'something' orally...it had flavor...and I was getting the gratification of seeing the 'smoke' on the exhale. It was close, but missing that essential, special, tobacco flavor. Without that, vaping was doomed to failure with me.

I spent almost a month, searching the net for anything I could find, on tobacco flavored eliquids. I went from store to store, trying this tobacco ejuice and that tobacco ejuice. Nope, nope, nope, nope. Then I ran across DIY juice mixing. My searches turned into 'DIY tobacco eliquid'

Those 3 little letters D, I, & Y...opened the door. I found threads and discussions from people who 'got it', about tobacco. One word kept popping up over and over, in those discussions.


I jumped in. Ordered my supplies, and 4 Hangsen tobacco flavors. BAM!...paydirt. That was 5 months ago, and I haven't had a cigarette since. I haven't wanted a cigarette since. I don't feel like I quit smoking. I feel like I enhanced it! What I'm 'smoking' now, is better than cigarettes.

Friends, relatives, and co-workers congratulate me for 'quitting'. They know how difficult it must have been, and give me kudos for my will power and suffering through it. Inside I'm laughing, and giggling like crazy. 'I didn't quit, you dummies, I just found a way to make it better!'


That right there is exactly the way I feel about vaping. No analog could come close to the enjoyment I get from vaping. That is why when I have smoked a cig in the last few months it didn't worry me at all. They were just a "snack" as you said to satisfy me while my vape gear was charging.

Now that I have 18650 devices and tons of batteries I don't need to snack any more. And I am an advocate for vaping to all my analog using friends. I have happily converted two people, and have one more in the works. DIY makes it easy for me to convert people. Once I know their flavor profile I can get them a bottle of juice that makes them say "DAMN!". And I get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing I helped spread the word about how good vaping is.


@SthrnMixer makes an excellent point in his opening post, and I forgot to comment on it, in my previous reply.

Good equipment is crucial, especially to those that are trying to make the switch from cigarettes. Cigarettes are so easy. Pull one out, and light it up. In this age, instant gratification drives a lot of people's decisions. If something doesn't work, first time, most people go to the next choice on the shelf.

We all probably experienced similar events, when starting out. Leaking, pain to fill, this thing is always falling over, the taste of burned cotton, popping and spitting hot juice back into your mouth, I have to change a coil? etc. For those here, we managed to get past it, and put forth the effort to learn, and fine tune our equipment choices.

It's easy to see why there are so many that try vaping, and are turned off by the initial 'hassle' stage. Vaping satisfaction requires some effort, and willingness to take some lumps as we learn what works for us. It's so easy for those that get discouraged early on, to quickly go back to 'pull one out, and light it up'.


This is a damn good thread with a lot of quality reading and thoughtful contribution :+1:

Only thing I can think to add is;

Keep a special, super secret, double decoder ring stash of your most favorite, most Deeeeliciuos, most mouthwatering vape hidden in the house for special occasions. This should be high-octane juice. I normally vape 6mg so my high-octane stash is 18mg.

The theory here is; we all do this with other consumables, why not juice?
For example...
I have my top shelf vodka hidden but plenty of house vodka for guests and get-togethers. We do this with wine, cigars, scotch, bud and many others...

When ya feel the nic monster creeping up on ya, get your Sooper Joose and rip a couple hits. The only thing you'll be thinking of then is where to lay down :sunglasses:

This theory has been hit upon earlier in the thread, just though I'd add my perspective on it.


I've got 12 packs of tobacco laying around and no craving to roll up. They will be used for N.E.T :yum:
The only time I have a craving is when I see a cigarette carton laying on the street, which is weird because I never smoked cigarettes, never liked them. Seeing people light up is no problem either, especially when I can smell it and hear the incessant coughing that inevitably follows :scream:


I think something along these comments should be added to the beginner thread. Very well said friend.


Yep I'm a victim as well. I will get " monster " cravings and then the occasional " nag " but mostly I do think about all the negative things that are associated with smoking and that typically does the trick. I certainly vape something w/ some kick to it.

Like you had mentioned I will vape a tobacco juice and it'll tamp down any cravings because I tend to make them stronger. They are my rescue ! I look back and think about how long I've come and refuse to give myself and option of returning to that stinkie ashtray smelling self I once was. Jan. 28th come on baby that'll be 2 years for me :smile:

Hold strong


I smoked for close to 30 years and the vast majority of those years it was menthol's.I didn't honestly want to quit but after a couple of family members quit using vaping I thought that I would try vaping.I started out using a menthol vape and honestly haven't wanted a cigarette since.I rarely vape a menthol flavor or a tobacco flavor but I do on occasion.
IMO I believe the main reason vaping is so successful in helping people quit is the flavor.You can actually make a much better tasting cigarette flavor than any tobacco company can produce.


no craveings here at all, and never have had one and i have vaped for 9-10 years now :slightly_smiling: ..


So let me just confirm that stress is definitely a trigger. Been hitting some 12mg RY4 like there's no tomorrow


I can't like this, so I'll reply and say I'm so sorry! That really sucks. :worried: