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If a recipe marked as Private


So I’m curious. I put one of my recipes up yesterday and kept it private until it hit the 21 day mark for steeping. I released it today but could not find it until I slogged through 3 pages worth of recipes.

The question is…does the posted date take on whatever date it was first entered even if it was Private?


Yes. It looks like your best option (if you want the recipe at the top) would be to adapt it and make the adaptation the public one


Ok, that’s what I suspected. Thank you.
You’d think after putting out numerous recipes I would know that by now. :pensive:


That’s been my remedy.


You used to be able to keep pushing recipe to the frontpage by making it private again, and once more make it publish. I guess this has been changed to prevent this.

@daath, solution might be to have a “published_at” field in the DB, which can only be updated when “NULL”, this way we wont have to recreate the recipes when we want to publish to be able to get on the lading page while avoiding it being possible to keep pushing it onto that page.


@daath, please do employ @lummy’s solution, if workable.
I’ve been annoyed by the number of people publishing recipes that they. presumably, haven’t even tasted ,. Haven’t seen fit to comment on, at any rate. It now occurs to me, that premature publication could be another way some people have of making sure their their recipe gets it’s five minutes in the spotlight! Lummy’s fix could put a stop to that. or reduce it, at least.

As for me, I’ve never found out how you’re supposed to get that recipe list up,… yes, despite checking all the relevent beginner’s threads,. They all tell you how to pick out the top -rated recipes etc. from the list, but assume that you’ve managed to find the list in the first place! No help for idiots like me!

I do manage to find that recipe list , on occasion, by some tortuous, largely accidental process which I can never afterwards recall. But I have no direct link to recipe list in the user menu -not that i can see,. just a link to the flavour list.

Normally I search for recipes by flavour or stash, so no biggie if can’t find the full recipe list. But I would like to know what I’m missing sometimes. Would like to search by other criteria , say, name of recipe rather than ingredients.

Maybe some kind soul could add that info (“How to find the recipe list” ) to beginners tutorial ? Then post me a link?


Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to do, I use this link which I have bookmarked in my browser. It is customized to land on the front recipe page and filter out single flavor recipes from the git-go. (don’t get me started on single flavor recipes!)



Yep. that’s what I want, Thanks :slight_smile:


The list is on the ELR-Home page, the first page you come to when you go to e-liquid-recipes.com, just scroll down and the most current recipes pop up in the list. Hit the Ratings button on the top right of the list columns. You hit exclude singles button to do that. But, the link above does all of that for you, so that’s much easier. But, the list you couldn’t find is just the hone page of the recipe side of ELR.


@TorturedZen loves single flavour recipes and people adding flavors wrong in there stash/recipes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


Who, me? :innocent: