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If I were to start building


Your welcome, I need to redo that tutorial as I have learned a few things since I wrote it.


Exactly what I now know I will do for sure to start is but pre wrapped, tyvm for the link and info. I might try wrapping myself down the road


The one that everyone seems to love right now is the modfather.


Im thrilled to have it! but I guess everyone is always learning and changing, improving etc


Now that looks like it has room and not complex! Grr now I have to go see what a series deck is lol


Just don’t get discouraged, it took me a week to learn how to wick decent and months to do it right 9 out of 10 times. Definitely a learning curve, I have Atomizers I still don’t wick well, but I will help all I can.


Great info Orge. I like the looks of that tank and that it is stainless. Thank you for th e links and info even if you left out the hairdressers phone # lol

Im off to do lots of reading ty


You are always a great help. This is why I want to start simple so I don’t g et too overwhelmed. Pre made coils will get me set and then I can play with making some later. (cant believe I said that)

SO many great links and tutorials to check out, you guys all rock!


Basically what a series deck does is instead of just having a positive and negative post you also have a central neutral post witch keeps your ohms up so you can run a greater range of coils,IE stateless steel.


Is a lot to learn but u will be glad u did since u have a great set up there!


Not sure who that anonymous poster is that wrote that, but it is a fine piece of work. :joy:


It took me a long time to realize anon was not a name !


When are you gonna put your pic back up anon?


I still don’t get it. It’s not someone?


Its someone who is now someone else so it’s not anybody anymore, except it kinda is still…


As if I haven’t sent you enough pics already. You haven’t showed those to anyone, have you?


Never you girthy boy you!


Just tried my mod While Whiterose was helping me on phone!! Woot taste great and loving it so far and that is wish old beast tank. I imagine it will be off the charts when I get the new tank!!

Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!

zippers… pics… girth… here he goes folks!!!


Here I cum!!!