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If I were to start building



Just wait till you have that steam crave! Something about the way those tanks work make the vape tase so much better!


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If you want to start right away, some RDAs come with pre made coils and cotton. From the top of my head I know Wotofo’s bring all you need to assemble and vape. From them I like the Troll. You just need tweezers and cutters (nail clipper perhaps) to help you set up.


Thanks @PathVape, I am just about to order the Steam Crave Plus and Modfather tanks ans use pre wrapped coils for sure. I didnt realize at first this was an option.

One day maybe I will play with wire … maybe


Enjoy! Keep it up!


Way to derail a derail!


I’d start looking for a pretty recent RDA with good reviews that is easy to build on. Goon, Dead Rabbit, Aura and the likes… (RDA’s are generally speaking a bit easier to build on than RTAs which may leak when wicking isn’t done properly)
Get yourself a little coilmaster kit or equivalent so you have all the necessary tools that you could possibly need. You could also buy the tools separately from Amazon or any other source. Just pick and choose what you’d want.
Get some good wicking material (Puffs, Koh Gen Doh, Cotton Bacon v2, Kendo Gold, … )

Then just start building. Regular round wire is very easy to work with (24g, 26g or even 28g) produces decent flavor. Check www.steam-engine.org to see where you want your ohms to be.
OR, just get some pre-made coils from your favorite shop.
If you opt to use SS, you’ll get cleaner flavor compared to Kanthal but your resistance will be much lower for the same gauge and same amount of wraps. If you really need higher resistance, try Kanthal or even NiChrome. SS has the added advantage though that you can use it in temp control which will protect your wick from scorching.
Try to always space your coils (just pull the wraps apart on a coil jig and push them back together). That way you won’t get hotspots and you won’t have to dry-burn your coils to work that out.

I can imagine you still have lots of questions, a lot of these will be answered by watching some youtubers setting up their RDA or just go to a good vape shop and ask them to show you how to build. Seeing someone do it is always a lot easier than just reading instructions.


I am not sure if you read the OP or have been keeping up with the situation. She is using a PWM mod, TC is not in the equation.

As far as metals go, not everyone gets a metallic taste from kanthal. I also find Ni80 to be a little cleaner than SS. But that is just a matter of taste. I use kanthal, Ni80, Ti, and SS.

With a PWM, what the goal is here, is to get the ohms to .4 or higher to maximize flavor and battery life on a PWM mod.

So on a dual coil set up for SS she would need 16 wraps of 24g on a 3mm mandrel, 11 for Ni80 and 8 for kanthal.

For a new user trying to get 16 wraps in a smaller, say 24mm RDA, can be quite the task.