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iPhone battery replacement


Ok, I realize this is not vape related, but with the many here who work with tiny screws and parts fixing broken vape gear. Has anyone changed the battery on an iPhone 6. My battery is barely lasting a day now and I was thinking of replacing it. I recently bought a tool kit which contains the driver sizes for many mod screws. It is sold as an iPhone tool kit, so I have the tools.


I haven’t, but make sure to visit iFixIt.com first to make sure you don’t brick your phone !


I’ve not ordered from them yet. Because they don’t have the screen for my iPad I keep breaking … think I’ve replaced it 4 times in the pas few months… one time was twice in one week…


I received this message from Apple. I had them replace my IPhone6 battery for $29.


I have changed a few iPhone batteries for friends.
I don’t know the details of the iPhone 6 but my advice is always to go to a shop which does that as a first call. It won’t cost you much more and they have done it before.
The first time on a phone is always a bit scary.

If you can’t, keep in mind that you may break the device and apple pretty much has a no repair on opened device policy.


I would definitely recommend taking the route that Mark Turner suggested above. I’ve done many iphones in my time and refuse to work on them any longer because honestly they are more headache than they are worth,
ESPECIALLY if you’ve never done one before…


For 30 roebucks, there are virtually no savings to be made by doing it a home indeed.


You would think that . But after my wife’s experience with a third party fixing her phone . It’s cheaper for me to do it.

Replaced her screen . Worked fine for about a month . They didn’t replace the two screws in the bottom of the phone that they took out. Damaged the iPhone case itself .

After one month her phone was unresponsive , you could turn it on and that was it. When we called them about the problem we got told there is no waranty on screen replacements. We could bring it in for repair but it probably be cheaper to buy a new phone.

Edit : so now either Apple fixes it or I fix it !


I should have said a competent shop!


Good information, thanks Mark and everybody else for their input.