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IPV 6x question


Looking to possibly getting a new mod and have been giving the IPV 6x some serious thoughts. Was wondering or hoping someone has one and could share their thoughts on this. Watched the youtube reviews, done my research on it and this sems like a great mod. Any experiences with this mod you share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys


I have one…I have had it since this past autumn, so maybe six months tops…it doesn’t get daily use, maybe two or three times per week…I have never dropped it, yet…the top, the whole top, the top 1/2 inch of it, is loose, it wiggles back and forth, I do not know why, as I said I have never dropped it, but now I am afraid to take it anywhere for fear if I do drop it that it will bust apart…other than that, I love this mod, the TC function is phenomenal…the Yihi chip is one of the best…it works fantastically, and it fits and feels so great in my hand! It would be perfect other than the looseness of the top piece that I have…not saying you will get one like that, and actually I have never heard of this happening to anyone else…I think I just got a dud…but I thought you should know so you can consider your options fully!


Do you have any other TC mods that you could compare it to?.


Why not go for the ipv8, it’s got some minor improvements over the 6x @Henry4


I have a couple TC mods already (Joytech Cuboid, Releux RX200) but I dont run in TC mode at all. I only use Kanthal wire. Im still looking into mods to see what I come up with. I saw the IPV6 and instantly liked the size and shape of it. Had an IPV before (the 2 I think, its been awhile) and didnt really like it much. So I thought Id ask some folks who may have one already. Im still looking.


Actually I don’t…I only have a few mods…I have 2 RX200’s and a Laisimo L3 Touch in addition to the IPV6x…so nothing that I have comes close in size, but it is pretty small for a 200w two battery mod…I have seen single battery mods that are around the same size…


I was wondering more about a comparison with TC function because you said it was phenomenal. When it comes to vape gear I don’t care about ergonomics, looks or anything like. How it performs is all that matters to me.


Well, I have not had one problem with it at all… I use both Ti and SS316L and sometimes when I use the SS with the RX200 it will jump out of TC mode and I have no idea why…I check everything over with my coils and it all looks legit and the screws are tight…there will be no reason for a problem, and I have found that if I run it in power mode for a little while and then put it back into TC it will be fine until I leave it for more than a day without vaping on it and it will do the same thing again…but when I put the same atomizer on the IPV6x it works with no problem whatsoever…I have never had it jump out of TC mode using any type of wire or different coil builds and ohms…

I just started really using the Laisimo L3 touch and so far so good with that one too…I have had no problems with the TC, but like I said I have only really started using that one a week ago…


That’s exactly what I wanted to know. I was thinking about getting a predator but the more I looked into it the more problems there seemed to be with the TC, pretty much just as you described with the rx200. So I went for the ipv8 instead, I feel like I made a good choice now. That seems to be a very common problem with wismec, joyetech and eleaf. I have a iStick 100TC and it does the very same thing when I use larger wires or even claptons. Not always but often. Thank you.


No problem, glad to help! and yeah, I do see the problem more when I use claptons and 22 or 24 gauge wire…and that is really all I use so it kind of sucks…the Yihi chip is one of the best IMO and in many others from what I have read…the IPV6x would probably be my favorite mod other than the cosmetic issue with the loose top on it…but the TC is wonderful on it!


Absolutely. It’s fine with 26awg but one you go past that it’s really not good at all. I’ve never even tried a yihi mod so I’m looking forward to trying it out. No firmware upgrades is a bit shitty though but if the chip is good there shouldn’t be much need for that. I only use TC so that’s what counts for me.


Ditto…TC is the only way to go!!! (Until I find something I like better anyways!!! Like one of @Whiterose0818’s custom creations one day!!!)


He makes them with a DNA 250 board too you know lol


Oh wow…no I didn’t know…I haven’t checked that thread in a while for 1) it makes me mad that I can’t have one right now and 2) I have been so busy with school that I have too many things here in the forum to catch up on…DNA 250 huh…I love it…I have never owned a DNA mod and I have wanted one for ages…maybe I can afford one someday (when I finish school next year and get a job!!!)


I’ve been counting the pennies in the hope of getting one of @Whiterose0818 dna mods too. Something that needs paid always comes up though. Maybe by the time evlov get to dna 300 I’ll have it lol. The best of luck with school too by the way.


I know what you mean…bills, never ending…and thanks, I am in my senior year this year so every time I want to quit I have to remind myself I am too close to quit now, plus $60,000 in student loans isn’t going to pay itself!!!


I know exactly what you mean, I’ve been there and done that and still paying off shit lol. You have the hard work done now so keep it up :thumbsup:


Thanks, motivation is everything to me! I am actually about to be off to do some school work now! I hate deadlines! :grimacing: (Mostly because I am a procrastinator! :smirk:)


I’ve got a 6X. When I first got it, I fell in love with the small size of it. So much easier to carry around than the 4S I had been using. It still works well enough, but I’ve been having a lot of problems with the battery cover opening which is getting old fast. When I first got it, it opened occasionally when I put a little too much downward pressure on it when it was sitting on a table for filling, but it’s been really bad lately. I haven’t found any way I can tighten the hinge or reinforce the clasp, so I haven’t been taking it out of the house as often. Definitely don’t want it popping open in my pocket and end up in the news for another battery explosion. If anyone else has a 6X and has figured out a way to make it stay closed better, I’d love to hear it.


Hello @adam51…I love my IPV6X, and if you read this thread you will see that I had a problem with the top coming loose before, well, I finally got that fixed. I took it to a vape shop and the guy took it in the back and when he came back out it was tight again. I guess he had the right size and type of screwdriver to fit the screws in the IPV6X…but now, I have been having the same problem as you with the battery door…I do not know a fix, but it is so loose that if I barely touch it the batteries will fly out. It is so annoying…I ended up buying two alien 220w mods because they are basically the same size as the IPV6X and they are awesome mods. I wish there was a fix for the battery door problem, but I’m not holding my breath. I still use the IPV6X, but only at home and I just put a small piece of tape on it to hold it when I change the batteries, but it is a little annoying to have to do that, however, it works.