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IPV Vesta-510 connection


Just a quick post (not review) about the new IPV Vesta I received today. Nice looking device and performs very well. But I thought I’d share something that kinda irks me.
I mounted one of my favorite tanks, the Coil Art Azeroth, after unboxing. And it appears that the 510 connector, even though it spring loaded, won’t allow the Azeroth to screw down all the way flush. At the risk mucking it up I stopped screwing it down after I felt quite a bit of resistance. Any additional turns would have required more force than I was willing to put on it.
I tested it out with my Boreas and it went fine but also began to feel pretty tight.
So just a heads up good people…


That’s a HUGE BITCH, I mean gap.


Yep! It might have gone a bit more but as I said I was afraid I’d fuck it up.
I do remember reading somewhere that the Azeroth had an abnormally long connector. Now I know!


Laughing my ass off. Thanks man.


Very good stuff.


You could try something like

I think you can also get a POM spacer but last time I went searching the biggest i could find was 22 mm


Ok it seems I started this thread prematurely. My dumb ass never thought to adjust the pin on the mod side. Having done so I now have a flush-sittin tank!
Sorry bout that…:neutral_face:


That nugget of information will save other dumb asses a lot of headache :laughing:


Ahhh, never a bad thing. Now we can check out those swanky heat sync’s that @woftam posted. :slight_smile:


I just ordered a couple of these mods. I was disappointed in the gap. But, after seeing the above, i had my hubby adjust the pin on the mage and the 510 on the mod. BOOM! Happiness!


In other news what are opinions on the
SXi Q Temperature Curve feature. The manual does not explain it. I messed around with it and you can change the joules for each second of the draw(1s-10s)
I have read it is more of a gimmick…
Any thoughts?
I for one, was not impressed. It took a lot of fiddling to set it up. The results were less than satisfying for me…


Happy is good! :tongue:
I guess this thread helped after all. Just like @Josephine_van_Rijn predicted!

My IPV Vesta took a dump a few weeks back. Not-so-ironically…it was a warranty replacement. I’ve owned Pioneer4You mods in the past and my luck with them seems hit or miss.
S’ok tho…I grabbed a Rev GTS to fill the gap.


Wife’s Vesta took a dump recently too, after about 9 months of daily driver use. Seems the 510 insulation cracked, or more correctly crumbled apart and led to a short. Also, the fire button stopped working. I realized that the little microswitch is simply slid into a plastic housing, and it worked its’ way free. Easy fix with a little dab of super glue for that switch housing. Regardless, it was retired in favor of the Punk 220 last week.

Had great luck with the iPV4s and the iPV8, but had issues with the iPV5 and Vesta. Never did have the issue of the atty sticking up though.


So, i have been fiddling with the temp curve thing and it does make a difference. It is kind of annoying to set joules for each second bit it provides a smoother, more consistant temp control!
For now, i am satifyed!


That’s a cool feature, but it is primitive to say the least compared to Arctic Fox. Shame the YiHi stuff isn’t compatible (yet).


Is the arctic fox a dna chip?


Arctic Fox is firmware that replaces the manufacturer’s firmware. It’s absolutely fantastic, but limited to what devices can run it. It’s free, too.