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Is anyone else excited about the Wotofo Recurve?


I have to say I’m getting more and more excited about it :smiley:
If Daniel says he’s going the extra mile to find a flaw with it and he can’t really find anything worth mentioning, it’s gotta be good.


Todd also gave it pretty high marks as well as a squonk rda. I may have to get one.


Brian Herb digs it massively, I am very much looking forward to getting my mits on one :ok_hand:


Just ordered a black one from eciggity. They have all of the colors in stock except for rainbow (not even listed) as of this posting. Used the coupon code 10percentoff


I was interested in it as well, but I learned a while ago that most hyped up products are just that. I’ll wait till people reviewing it here, rather than jump by a youtubers opinion, which in the past was just that…hype and nothing else.

Or someone actually tried it longer than 10 minutes lol


Gotta love eciggity.


First time I’ve ordered from them but I’ve read good things about them. Already got a shipping confirmation!


thats your spot for sure lol


Remember, everything goes by air…so even though it’s across the pond they are pretty fast. It should hit the post office today.


Vape Mail today

I was recently asked if I would be interested in doing a review for @HealthCabin

I was given a choice between 4 items and this seemed like a good one to do.

I will let everyone know what I think of it soon.

My first impression after taking it out of the box is WOW this thing is built like a tank.

EDIT: After 8 hrs or so of playing with this I am just going to say I am impressed. There are a couple of issues I have that may or may not be deal breakers for you. I want to try a couple more builds on this before posting my review.


Looking forward to reading what you think


The silver version is now in stock just in case anybody wants one. So far the silver version is the only one I am seeing anyplace that is in stock.




Yep, it’s been on my list. Also the Savour RTA by Vaping V1ck.


/wanders off on the trail of yet another new atty
Oh wait! The bottom right said MTL…
/pumps the brakes

(You know I’m still going to look though… Right? :laughing: )


No MTLs for you? I guess I’m just a moody vaper. When I’m pissed off and hyperventilating I load my big guns and fog up the car. When life is nice a MTL with reasonable AF suits me fine. (No hose sucking, though, like the Innokin Ares). I almost took a drill to that one!


That might be a good thing because they’re all beautiful and I can’t decide which one.


I wouldn’t say none… Just exceptionally rare. I still have my old Nautilus Mini. But it just doesn’t meet my style. (I was one that could, and did, frequently kill almost a quarter of a cig (DL style) in a single pull :flushed: ) Hard to do that with a MTL atty (to me).


I had a hell of a time transitioning from RDAs to tanks. For me, it was getting the wick right. Finally, I’ve mastered the beast and find that light and fluffy is the only way to go. Mike Vapes has a vid on that subject. He likes to comb his tails which I have to agree on.


Haha, I’ve triggered the 10 sec pull warning on some mods. But then, I do yoga and am use to breathing…really breathing!:rofl:

PS: I never ever did that with a cigarette, yikes!