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Is anyone else excited about the Wotofo Recurve?


That was my plan, a 3.5 - 4mm ID. I also have some Clapton wire that is small (28g core with 36g wrap). I was able to fit that in my Origin Little BF and get healthy vapor production and keep the power modest at the same time.


Bro the recurve is the most rounded single coil RDA ever made.

The advken gorge was pretty cool, better than the wasp but this takes the Cake. It’s such an amazing rda.


I also don’t follow hype. The way I go about buying RDAs have never failed.

I first asses:

  • The airflow. It’s honey but the holes are pitched. They travel a couple mms so they work extremely efficiently.

The innards. Is it a hallway? No one likes throwing a banana down a hallway… But that being said some RDAs need more space than others for the coil builds they build best with.

I always go with a semi reduced chamber, am extremely fond of postless decks, and choose attys with pitched, directed airflow. Directed airflow is a must. You need a few mm for the air to travel so that it becomes directed.

I hope this helps.

If you don’t squonk, I’d pick a dead rabbit or a drop over this only because you will have to drip so much. It’s a hassle to do when your out and about but if your dripping at home it shouldn’t be a problem


If I may ask, in your opinion, why is the Recurve better than the Wasp?


The airflow is much better and more direct. It feels more solid and better put together, and was well thought out. I’m not saying the wasp is bad by any means. I also hate plastic caps. I cannot help but smoke them after a week there all milky looking. I run hot builds tho.

Also, it’s a synch to build on. So easy with the little coiling tools it comes with.

The flavor is freaking awesome too. Much better than the haku I used for a week.