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Is PET plastic really safer than LDPE?


Another interesting brain shot from MBV.


I doubt that PET is any safer than PE whether it’s LDPE or HDPE. PE is basically the same molecule as wax but with longer molecule chains. It has been used for food packaging forever and has always been considered safe. PET however has been rumored to leak chemical into liquids. Additives can be bad in any case so you never know what’s really in the plastic.
If you’re afraid of chemicals leaking into your e liquid i’d go with glass. At least for the big batches and base liquids.


I re-use lots of 120ml PET bottles, and was concerned about the following:

“The trouble with reusing those plastic bottles is that each time they are washed and refilled they become a little more scratched and crinkly, which can lead them to degrade. That can cause a trace metal called antimony to leach out,” said Frederick S. vom Saal, a professor of biology at the University of Missouri who has studied plastics for years.

Which brings us to our next complicated word, ANTIMONY.

What is antimony? Well, in short, antimony is a heavy metal used as a catalyst in the production of PET. It is not uncommon, actually it is very common to find detectable traces of antimony on the surface of film after production. Antimony is also toxic. Studies show that short-term exposure to antimony by inhalation results in effects on the skin and eyes. Respiratory effects, such as inflammation of the lungs, chronic bronchitis, and chronic emphysema are the primary effects noted from chronic exposure to antimony via inhalation.


I used to get my juice from them at a local b&m.


I knew there was a reason I didn’t like PET. Aside from the fact that it’s generally hard as heck to squeeze. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plastic in general is pretty meh, but I hate glass. I’m way too clumsy to mix or store or transport anything in glass. Plus, thanks in part to my mother and in part to an unfortunate incident in my childhood involving a wooden spoon and a 1 gal glass jar of sweet tea, I’m mildly phobic of breaking glass (it’s okay once it’s broken, it’s the breaking that bothers me). I take my pyrex out of the oven and run away until I’m sure it’s not gonna shatter…I’m not kidding.

So, HDPE or LDPE for me! :grin:


This is what I thought of.


That’s pretty much what I look like, too. Carefully take the dish out of the oven, set on stove (cold, stove, not hot stove obviously) or hot pads on counter…run for your life!!!


I’m sorry it makes me giggle! I get it I do but that’s funny stuff!


This reminds me of the discussion that ensued because people would refill their water bottles with tap water instead of buying another bottle in the shop.
They said that’s really bad for you because the bacteria in your mouth would get into that water and then you drink it. :confused:

So now I’m permanently worried about the bacteria in my mouth and if they will eventually kill me. :skull:
I’m training myself not to swallow but I’m failing miserably.

Seriously, I’m so wary of these kind of articles. They find something new every day. One day it’s really good for you, the next day it is lethal and when you look at the bottom-line it is all about sales.




Good luck :smirk:


Need tp for my bung hole


We always talk about what is best/safest for our e-liquid but we never seem to discuss the tank/coil/cotton/environment.

Imagine all the little dust particles/bacteria/foreign objects/bugs that make it into your tank, on to your coils, into your cotton… You vape that!

What about when you take that deep DTL hit, apart from “phat clouds” what else are you sucking in to your lungs when you do that?


Read more here about what is in PET :+1:



Don’t forget the drip tips, I mean don’t even get me started on those. You don’t want to know what builds up in there :astonished: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That’s what she said.