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Is there an issue with weights?


Hi Guys.

Just made a recipe that I have made numerous times, always using weights, and never had an issue, however, today the numbers looked a little large, in particular the vg weights. Still I thought it must be right and so I went ahead with the mix. On completion of mixing, instead of the recipe totalling the usual 150ml, its gone way over, closer to 180ml. Is anyone else experiencing this, or do I need to go buy a new set of scales?




Did you calibrate the scales before mixing and could you post the recipe?


thats weird, it could be a glitch or something a few weeks back the same type of thing happened to me i made 60ml of something and as i was pouring it oit of the beaker i to a 60ml bottle their was about 20 to 30ml left over hmmmmm


Maybe you poured the value of the Total Base and not VG value? I recently did this for the first and hopefully only time last week.


Can you screenshot it? And also give the URL to the recipe (even if it’s hidden, I can check it).

Check the ingredients in your stash - Recently I saw someone had accidentally set a flavor to 7 g/ml :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses guys.

I didnt calibrate my scales, however, I also made two other recipes and both of those mixed up to the right amount. So maybe I just screwed up when adding the ingredients for the PeachYogurt?!

Anyway here is the screen cap and the link is up there ^^^^


Just glancing at the recipe without knowing if your flavors are set like @daath said, it seems a bit odd that 2 different flavors, at the same %s come out at different weights?

1.5% = 2.4 grams with Bavarian, yet 1.5% = 2.18 grams with orange cream? Check your stash, do you have the SG set for your flavors?


I noticed that too only it still wouldn’t be enough to make 20-30ml over in the final recipe. Just checked out the flavours and the Orange Cream has a lower manufacturer specified gravity: 0.970 g/ml compared to the BC Manufacturer specified gravity: 1.068 g/ml

Also I have checked the box in my setting to use Manufacturer specified gravity


Ah, that explains that. I usually avoid doing this myself, so that was why I noticed it right away. It was definitely not enough to make it over on it’s own, but if you mixed using SGs of 1, it would of been something to look in to.

Carry on :slight_smile:


Don’t flavor weights vary from flavor to flavor?


Yes, they do. For the most part, it’s so miniscule and that’s why I don’t bother. Plus it’s hard to find every SG for over a thousand flavors, haha.
I didn’t know he uses them, so that’s why I questioned the weights.


@TheTinMan1 nailed it. IF you cal’d the scale, and it still came out that far off, might be a good time to buy a new one. If you don’t/haven’t calibrated your scale, would be a good time to do that.


So I must apologise, today again my mix appeared to be 20-30ml over. Frustrated, I tipped the mix out of the beaker into a measuring jug and found the quantity was infact all correct. So the issue is / was just a cheap beaker with inaccurate measurements marked on it. Note to self(and others), dont expect beakers bought on flea bay to be accurate :disappointed:


Stinks that the measurements on your beaker were off, but I’m glad you got it figured out! At least now ya know.


I bought a batch of 30ml bottles on ebay only to find out (the hard way) they only held 29.6ml. Live and learn. Now I check everything by weight.