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Is this sight running slow for anyone else?


I was on the Random Recipes and it is really slow and so was Create Recipe is anyone else having this problem?


Normal here. Maybe internet connection problem?


Could have been another DoS attack. I recall @daath mentioning it recently. But it’s now 17hrs later so the point is moot.


Didnt encounter it with the recipe site, but rather the forums (phone/tablet/android didnt try on my pc). Kept loading or took forever to actual load a topic, after 5 clicks we are getting there lol.

Now it could be comcast or the fact that i wasnt checking the forums for a couple of days, and the sheer amount of vendor spam and notifications slowed it down. Wouldnt blame the webpage, just thought i share.


Ive had both forums and recipies go slow at times. 20sec page load time, just figured its high traffic or something.