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January 31, 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon! Do NOT Panic!



I wish NASA would include Arkansas and Eastern USA, but NO00oo.


A few centuries back this would be considered a bad omen and the flu panic would be replaced by super blue blood moon panic :new_moon: :sweat_smile:
The world is ending my son :end:


That’s what I was thinking, it may be time to evacuate this planet.

It will not be visible at all in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean but…


So you’re saying I should cancel the human sacrifice party?
Actually, I’m hoping to catch some of this since I missed the last blood moon. Got to get the camera ready and the ladder to the roof set up.


Seriously thank you for posting this, i dern near forgot all about it.


Well my wife is in the hospital, but I spotted the moon out her window early this morning, so my wife and I got to witness the super blue blood moon in partial eclipse!


Beautiful event! Cooked up a couple of the neighbors and had a party!


Glad you could see the blood moon, but sorry where you had to do it from.


Prayers. 10chr


The Moon tonight is absolutely beautiful very large but more pale yellow as I see it now on the East coast. I will have to check NASA for pictures of the lunar in the morning.


Yeah, big and beautiful here too but im out of the zone, unfortunately.


Me too I’m back in FL presently so not guna see the real deal either but the Moon is stunning tonight !


At the very least it will get people outside and looking up. :slight_smile:


Totally agree I love stargazing. I used to have a telescope but that was many moons and moves ago lol :wink:


So wish that last night the camera battery was charged i was forced to take a really crappy picture with my phone.
But the red moon did look cool.


It looked something like this but the earth’s shadow on top left was more defined and it was more golden yellow colored. I attempted a pic with my cell phone but it failed. We watched it for about 10 minutes early morning sometime around 4am before it set behind a building
note: i did not take this pic, just found it on the net, then edited it to match my memory.


OMG It ALL makes sense now!!


Don’t panic everyone! It’s just the super blue blood full moon! Everything will resume it’s happy equilibrium in 3…2…
Hrm…maybe not. :no_mouth:

:rofl: It was pretty beautiful, not gonna lie. I stood out in the cold for a few extra minutes just to look at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Too soon?


Or not soon enough, you had to be up before sunrise this morning
:slight_smile: its ok though, these events happen about every 150 years.
Our local news made a time error for the visibility of the event, I think they used EST instead of CST because it looked quite eclipsed at the time we looked at it. I remembered it being 6am my wife told me it was 3 or 4am. There is another blue moon coming soon, some interesting reading about blue moon events can be found at: