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Joyetech Espion Solo with ProCore Air Review by Amber


Espion Solo with ProCore Air Review

The Espion Solo with ProCore Air Kit is a Limited Edition device to commemorate ten years of quality from Joyetech. Founded in 2007, they have established a firm presence in the vape community with some very popular and well-known products. Most of us that have been vaping for years have had or used a Joyetech product.

It is a touch-screen device that boasts both 21700 and 18650 battery capability. The body is slightly similar to the original Espion, with vertical lines and a large, rectangular firing button. This device was provided to me by Joyetech for the purpose of this review. Let’s do this thing!

Package Contents (Kit)


  • Mod size: 25.5mm(L)*39.5mm(W)*81.0mm(H)
  • Screen type: 1.3 inch OLED Touch-Screen
  • Screen size: 64*128 px
  • Output wattage: 1-80W
  • Output mode: Power/RTC/Bypass/TC(Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR modes
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC/TCR mode
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3.5ohm for Power mode
  • Temperature range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
  • Cell: Single 21700/18650 cell (CDR 25A)
  • Max charging current: 2A
  • Max output current: 30A
  • Max output voltage: 9V

The Espion Solo is somewhat similar in appearance to the Espion with its vertical lines (only on the sides on the Solo) and large, brushed metal firing button. The focal point of the Solo is probably the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition printed on the firing button. The 510 connector actually appears smaller in diameter than most, and the metal threading sits slightly above the top plate of the mod. Every Atomizer I have used has fit flawlessly though, no gaps or overhang. It is actually a very nice looking mod, with edgy detail and contrasting lines.

The OLED screen is bright and clear, you could in fact read it from across the room. It may not matter to some, but I like how hidden the battery cover is. The lines seem to run perfectly along the sides of the mod in that they don’t even look like they open, they just look like part of the detailing.

Similar to the function screen of the Espion, the function screen has four options, Mode, Set, Info and Exit. The latest menus have been simple and really easy to navigate. Perhaps what I like most about the Espion Solo is that it does remind me somewhat of the Evic VTC Mini. The Evic VTC Mini lasted me a long time, and still performs today as the day I bought it. The fact that they are similar draws me toward really appreciating the Espion Solo even more.

The Espion Solo screen is accessed by pressing the lock/unlock button, and then swiping up on the touch-screen. After this, the wattage can be changed or the menu can be accessed. I have to say, I do find myself accidentally touching the screen during use, which brings up the message ‘Press button to unlock/lock, which can get somewhat repetitive. The mod functions wonderfully, and using a 21700 battery, I have gotten quite a bit of life out of it. It lasts slightly under what my 26650 Battery does in the Geekvape Aegis, but not by much, the difference is negligible. The option for a 21700 or 18650 battery in the Espion Solo is a game changer. Normally, for someone that uses a lower wattage, a dual battery device is the next logical option, but the Solo provides a nice segue to increase wattage and battery life all in one device.

Magnetized Battery Cover
Tank Lengths from 4-5.5mm/Up to 25mm Diameter
2 Amp Quick Charge
Reverse Polarity Protection
Dual Circuit Protection
Upgradeable Firmware

ProCore Air Tank


  • Dimensions: 25mm x 56mm (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • 510 Threaded
  • 4.5ml/2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Retractable Top Fill Design
  • Glass Tank
  • Dual Airflow Slots
  • Includes (2) ProCA Kanthal 0.4ohm Atomizer Head (Pre-installed) (Designed for 40 - 80 Watts)

So I was pretty surprised on using the Espion Solo to find that the ProCore Air is a tad bit different than the ProCore X, in fact I much prefer the ProCore Air. While I am not really a tank person, I found the flavor from the ProCore Air was much more intense.

The tank is quite nice looking, with a Snake-skin patterned drip tip and simplistic body. The kit actually comes with a larger drip tip that has a conical shape inside, the thing is massive. You may find that some other resin or wide bore 810 drip tips are a bit of a tight fit, I couldn’t quite coax one of my drip tips (does not have O-rings on it) to fit.

The airflow itself is quite airy and decent, although the ProCore X seems to have just a little less restriction. I think this is one of the reasons for the enhanced flavor. One thing I have noticed with the new ProCA Coil Heads is the wicking is just fantastic. The cotton itself isn’t packed as tightly as most premade coils, and it absorbs liquid much faster than other similar coil types. The ProCore Air and the ProCore X both utilize the ProC coil heads, although the ProCA Coil is a new addition to the lineup. I was using a pretty low percentage mix in the ProCore Air, a Honey Froyo recipe that is only about 7% flavoring and it came through very nicely. The ProCA performed best between 40-58 watts.

Final Thoughts
The Espion Solo is a great mod for nostalgic reasons, especially if you appreciated the Evic VTC Mini as much as I did. The good thing is that the 21700 battery is easily charged in the device, something I really try not to do. My LUC V4 doesn’t accommodate that size battery, so for now that is how I am charging it. The Espion Solo has been a heavy usage mod recently, and is perfectly sized to slip into my pocket or purse. I think it is great Joyetech wanted to do an Anniversary device, and the design and function is awesome. I do think the device has a few quirks, which I will list, but I really don’t think they change my view of the Solo.

  1. Pretty leaky on initial fill up, I haven’t had a tank leak in what seems like years. When filling, the viscosity of the liquid plays into whether or not the hole will bubble up and start pouring out.
  2. Because the top is slide-to-open, a tiny amount of e-liquid seeps out around the edges. Really small amount though.
  3. The firing button does have a good amount of resistance. Sometimes I can’t keep it depressed fully if I am using one finger; it seems to have some push-back. I am not heavy handed, so maybe this is just me.
  4. The unlock screen showing an arrow to unlock the device appears if the screen is touched. I happen to touch the screen most times if I am moving it, or putting it in my purse or pocket. I make that darn screen come up all the time.

Those are tiny quirks though, and they don’t take away from the experience of using it. I really like the Espion Solo, and it has been a joy to use. My advice as far as batteries is to use what you prefer here. If you already have single 18650 devices, just use the sleeve to fit it into the Solo. I however didn’t have any single or unmarried 18650’s to use, and if I had not been provided a 21700, that is what I would have bought for the added mAh. Thanks for sticking around! :crazy_face:

Some great battery options are the Samsung 30T 3000mAh 35A, or the IJOY 40A 3750mAh.

Click Below for More Info!
Joyetech Product Page for Espion Solo with ProCore Air


Awesome review @Silhouette I think the touch screen as far as that goes for me. I’d be probably be putting up to my ear or trying to text someone. Lol
Other than that sounds pretty versatile battery wise which is a huge ++. Looking forward to reading more reviews from you.


Outstanding review @Silhouette. The more I looked at it, the more I like(d) the display. Also liking the new snakeskin/honeycomb drip tips that are picking up popularity. Keep the great, detailed reviews coming !!!


Groove review! Bravo!!!


Thanks all! It looks like some kits will actually provide the AVB Battery 4000 mAh as well, which works quite nicely. Joyetech had it all neatly protected. I appreciate it!:blush:


Thank you for the review!! :+1:Two thumbs up​:+1:!!


So, Piddlefarts. That is my mad word right there. It’s a combination of yelling ‘Piddles’ and ‘Farts’ combined.

Yesterday, I wanted to give my mother my drip-tip from the ProCore Air and I hadn’t removed it from the tank to put atop another atty until then. After putting on a pretty loose fitting Atomizer, this happened. First time a drip-tip has ever done this to me, and it happened with very minimal force. I am obsessively careful with all of my vape products BTW, my mods have no scratches (OK, the Cuboid has some paint wear from gripping, but that’s it). A little disappointed.


I was thinking this might start to happen (not real likely at these lower temps, but?). Dissimilar materials molded together each having different expansion rates from heat can cause havoc. looks like it was a casting defect (looking at the top shinny area of the small section)


Yeah, I pulled that away a little so it could be seen easier, it’s like a foil inlay that rests between the two grooves where the O-Rings are. I don’t see why it was really necessary to have that part honeycombed as well, in fact I think it contributed to weakening the bottom. The tank it was on was used at like 50watts max.


Thanks for this fine review Silly :grin: