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Just a Reminder to fellow Vapers for Safety


All good! The point is the same. You can not simply use mod specs or battery specs and anticipate everything is ok fine. These are high current devises and need to be respected and understood.


Precisely! :wink:


There’s the problem, he just bought new batteries rated at 15amps, although Mooch tested and said more accurately they were 19amp. Wouldn’t trying to push 26 amps through them with the current build and wattage be a bad idea?

More to the point: Build for your batteries, pretend that your pretty little mod has no protections whatsoever, and that it is solely up to you build and use a wattage that your batteries can safely handle. That way, should those built in protections fail to work, you have another level of protection in that you stayed within the limits of your batteries.


Pretty much it. All mods work differently and all batteries will react differently. In some cases you will get voltage sag from the batteries and low battery indications from the mod. Other cases the battery will try to provide the needed current and start heating up. With some batteries this can end up with thermal runaway where they start spewing liquids and possibly fire. Sub .2Ω coils are becoming quite mainstream even with premade coils. This is iffy territory.


I’m not saying anything is wrong with the Tarot Pro (not at all), haven’t used it, never will, but the fact that a pair of batteries already vented within the mod are all the more reason to build for the batteries. That’s what I do, it’s the safe thing to do.


I’m kind of inherently protected for the most part. I do always consult Mouch prior to buying batteries but I vape TC between 375°F and 425°F with builds that range from about 0.25Ω T6 to 0.5Ω. I only use about 50 to 60 watts available. I like relatively small mods in the hand e.g. SX Mini ML Class, VT75C, up to a Therion in size. Regardless, I do keep an eye on my batteries regarding charging time, physical condition, and run time. The Tarrot Pro seems to be a pretty nice mod although I don’t us it much. It’s a pretty thing I save for black tie occasions.


That’s pretty much the same as me, 0.41, same build every time, 55-60watts.


I like that range. Decent vapor, great flavor. Nice smooth cool easy vape. Also get some battery life that way.


I dont want my ohms low, purely for battery life, but hate using single wire. I found triple core claptons SS that are slightly higher guage that compete with the flavor that my husband’s huge coils produce.


That’s cool. OMG! the forum just reprimanded me for replying to you too much. How precious! Ok there forum Popo, I’ll back out of this one, lol. I like SS 2x26+36.


yep i understand what you want to say and this is a factor that i haven’t really taken for real since batteries were freshly charged but you’re right.
though i am not a battery guru, neither an electric engineer or whatever… neither trying to start a Mah/V/W war or something :stuck_out_tongue: lol
just trying to learn a little more at the same time, and have some more understanding on devices :slight_smile: thank you very much for your reply sir :slight_smile:


thank you very much sir for your replay and time :slight_smile: i will check the calculation again :slight_smile:


This is an older post but I just read it. I have an EFEST PRO C2 charger. I use SONY 18650 batteries in it. Should I be worried?


I wouldn’t worry too much about the chargers, the exaggerations and mislabelling is especially with batteries.
If I were you though, I’d check e-cigarette-forum and ask Mr Mooch himself (better search first, he might have answered this question already)