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Just did my first ever batch and now have questions


When you steep it the old fashioned way you do, but when you heat your liquid to speed up the steeping you better add it later.


OK thanks. I’ll be sure to add it later on the first batch. After that I’ll be able to just let it sit as he will only be getting 100ml per month.


The important thing to understand is that you can’t know what you like until you mix n vape. It’s all new and a grand mystery to uncover. 2nd single flavors are rarely good by themselves and common adds are creams to give some body (or sweeteners or marshmallow etc.) The label on the bottle (flavor name) rarely delivers a vapable comparable juice all by itself.

To speed up this kind of awareness maybe look at some popular Shake n Vapes to help you be successful in the beginning making a fast and vapable e-juice and learn what you and Pops might like. There’s a thread for the best SnVs and the Top 100 thread also has much information when starting out. I’m running out of the house at the moment and perhaps someone else could do the courtesy of posting those links

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Just like with other juices… try during the steeping process and you might find that some are very good after just a few days.

I mixed a recipe last week, 1% red burley (flv), 6% ry4 double (tpa) and 2% vanilla shisha (inw)… 4 days later I was vaping it, other people tried it too and everyone thought it was pretty tasty and smooth.
Of course the flavor will change a little over a steeping process but there’s no general rule that requires a tobacco to steep for 4-6 weeks. I wouldn’t recommend it as a shake and vape though, it’ll be a bit harsh, but I’ve had steeped juices that were worse.


I can’t thank you guys enough aye. You have all been awesome. Thanks so much for all this advice.

Oh and sorry I didn’t reply earlier… Apparently because I’m a newbie I have a limited amount of replies I can do for the day or a set time or something.