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Just did my first ever batch and now have questions


Hi guys. So I’m very new to all this DIY mixing and just did my first batch. Something simple, a single flavour brew of Bourbon (u4ea bourbon at 10%), so my first question is… How long do I let it steep for? Is there something on here or another site where I can see how long to steep for what flavours/recipes? I also started reading some topics and answers and noticed that a lot of you have said that the bigger the mix… The more it can affect flavour, so my next question is… Why is that? I just did a 100ml batch… Is that too big and will that effect the flavour?


@Trueblue I’m not sure if I understand this ^^^^, as the size of your mix shouldn’t have any impact, at least on flavor as long as you are mixing at the same %. What CAN impact a mix on larger mixes IS the steep time. Smaller bottles, especially if you have a nice air gap can and will steep faster than much bigger bottles.

There is no one rule, BUT, there are generally accepted steeping principals. Lighter, less complex, clearer, fruity flavors do not take as long to steep. More complex, heavier, creamier/custards require more time to steep, with I believe tobacco flavors requiring the longest steep times.


That’s what I thought… I didn’t think it would change the flavour in any way. Just thought id ask and clarify. Do you know how long it alcohol flavours, fruit flavours and tobacco flavours need to steep for at all?


I reckon it depends on the ry4 but waiting 2 weeks is probably a good idea. Theoretically, if it is well mixed, a larger batch should not take much longer to homegenise.
With 100ml you have plenty of time to make notes as to how it is aging, on the plus side.

I would personally reccomend not mixing more than you would consume in a week in one go, and generally as little as you can get a good taste for for a new receipe.


Thanks mate. I’ll keep that mind.


Soon enough, you’ll finish with this kind of problem, which is bad enough with 10ml but probably a lot worse with 100ml


Hahaha yea aye. I think I might just keep it to 50ml from now on though. I just figured that the more I made… I wouldnt have to make it so often.


I’m not sure if there’s a specific steep time for alcohol flavors, but 2 weeks would be a good starting point. Fruits can sometimes be shake and vaped right away, but a week shouldn’t hurt them at all. I don’t mix many tobaccos, but I do mix a LOT of heavy creams/bakeries/custards, and I let them steep at LEAST a month before vaping them. Tobaccos should probably steep as long, if not a bit longer than them.


Nothing wrong with mixing bigger, BUT, after you’re sure you LIKE it. :slight_smile: Some people will mix testers in 15ml bottles, with only 10ml of juice and leave a 5ml air gap, which when shaking can speed things up a bit, especially in smaller batches.


I have only started mixing tobacco flavours, I expect 4-6 weeks for most. Ry4 is mostly caramel though :slight_smile:


Oh wow. Fair enough. I don’t like the tobacco flavours but my old man does and am making them for him. I might have to look up ways to fast track the steeping for him for his first batch and then I can just make some more which should be ready by the time he will need them. Thanks for that mate :+1:


@Josephine_van_Rijn is quite the tobacco expert, iirc. If she has gotten over the side effects of her mystery vaporiser, she might be able to point out faster steeping tobaccos.
RY4 is probably one of the fastest, owing to the fact that it is not much of a tobacco.


Cheers mate. My old man like Peter Jackson but I got him a Benson and hedges knock off from u4ea called benches and ledges Hahaha. He mixes it with coffee so am keen to have a play with it and see what I come up with and see if he likes it.


I might swing her a message or something tomorrow and see if she can help me out. Thanks again mate :+1:


If you do coffee, do small batches. You’ll mess it up and finish with dead badger juice more often than not.


hahaha I’ll keep that in mind


@Trueblue @SuperFrog’s right @Josephine_van_Rijn IS the tobacco expert here.


I’m not an expert in fast track steeping though :grinning: I think time is the best but I understand for a first batch that is difficult.
Warming it and shaking the shit out of it will help it along I suppose, just don’t add any nicotine yet when you do that. It will degrade with the heat so add it later.

I don’t believe in steeping rules. Taste is subjective and people like different things.
Just have your dad taste it and see what he says. My nephew likes his tobacco when I just made it fresh for him. When it’s ‘properly’ steeped he likes it less. :woman_shrugging:

I’ve had some tobacco’s that tasted good within a few days and others that I almost chucked because I thought they were horrid but turned out quite good 6 to 8 weeks later. Then there were the ones that I chucked cause I hated them.

I can’t talk for your old man so just make some and have him taste it with intervals of a few days. He’s the only one who can tell you what tastes good to him.

Being an Aussie you have a wide selection of tobacco’s to choose from at juicefactory.com.au :smile:
Personally I’m a big fan of FLV Red Burley and Juicefactories SC Old Captain and French Pipe :yum: (but I’m not your dad)
Hangsen is supposed to be a brand that doesn’t seem to need a lot of steeping but they stopped selling their concentrates in the EU. Maybe you can get your hands on it in OZ?


Oh really? I got told that the nicotine in every batch should be put in after the flavour… So I’ll be sure to add that last with the tobacco. Yea Dad is old school, he started vaping nearly 6 months ago to quit cigarettes… Which he did straight off the mark… But he hasn’t changed flavours in that 6 months Hahaha. He’s stuck on Peter Jackson and coffee. I told him I got him Benson and hedges and that I’ll try to get a good mix for him so he doesn’t have to keep adding the coffee separately. I’ll definitely check that site out though… Thanks for that. You have been a great a help.


You have all been great help. Thanks slot everyone. Definitely some food for thought there. You guys are awesome :+1: