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Just vaping pictures


The ipv4s is probably on the doorstep and the crown tank.I’m on holiday at my parents and go back home Sunday its a two hour drive could go on one big vape drive lol


consider urself so lucky… I wish as well as others!!


This is for @Alisa, Your line has hit the market!


ringling: Your bottle’s look great, hope you and Alisa have great success!


Oh my goodness!!! I’m just very honored. Where can we buy some? I need to have one or two of those bottles to put on my shelf!! :smile:


Congratulations Alisa, that looks really good!


Thought this would be a interesting Picture !!


Oh! oh! I see my name! 15 seconds of fame and all! lol


Very cool … Congrats Alisa!
Ringling I curious about the different colors of the liquids. Are the lighter ones newer mixes and the darker ones some that have aged (steeped)?


Different nicotine values, 0,6,12,18. The Darker the more nic. Not all flavors will react with color difference with nicotine but many do. Especially anything with Vanilla…


Ahhh … that makes sense! Thanks


I’m having trouble trying to figure out which one to send…


That is one hell of an arsenal you got there! :smiley:


I’m looking out for my vaping future. I wanted to take picture before I box some of it for later. I see no point in wearing it all out at the same time.


I feel, one day, you’re gonna make a shit ton of money on a trade/buy site when and if the stupid regulations get put in force. $$$$$ Some folks collect gold…you collect vape gear! ; )


Is that all your equipment @Pro_Vapes? Don’t get me wrong that’s an impressive collection but from what I know about you sir, is that could easily just be what you picked up last Monday!


Looks like your Vaping Future is secure for at least 15 years or so. What are you gonna do after that. You better get busy and start buying. What if you live to 125 years old. Better really start buying…lol


Hey @daath I noticed in your picture you have a Nautilus? Do you have any issues with spit back on that thing? I have 2 of them and contrary to what some say I like them, especially for work with the 5ml tanks but I would rather vape my juice than drink it haha
I was wondering if you have any tricks if you do get spit back? I usually take the drip tip off, twist a paper towel and push it down the shaft into the head of the atty and let it sit for a few seconds before pulling it back out. It works I just get annoyed with the amount of times I have to do it! On both!
Thankfully I got them both for free so I cant complain there…


Sounds odd - No spitback at all here. Though I do vape only at 13 and 14W on that… If the drip it isn’t the original, then make sure you’re using one that tapers down, like a funnel or something. I have some drip tips where the condensation just collects at the bottom of the drip tip :confused:


Well you are one of the lucky few my good man! It doesn’t happen all the time but it happens enough to be annoying, I definitely get it if the tank drops below 2 ml