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Just vaping pictures


Almost every aspire I know of works this way. It is a temperamental system it can’t be too full or too empty. Works with air and suction. On my aspire BVCs if I get below where the coil is showing it will start spitting back. And the Natulius is super at doing it all the time w/o being empty or full. I will check which drip it @daath thanks for that hint could be some of that going on.


I also just read that if after you fill the tank, close the airflow hole when you screw the base on and then flip it over, connect it to your mod and then slowly open the airflow. He says it fixes his spit back issues everytime? Im assuming it has to do with a small vacuum and prevents the coil from being flushed with juice all at once? Idk but worth a try


I’ve only had experience with the BVCs in the Aspire Et-s, but it was the same with those. Very temperamental. Honestly, I preferred the originals over the bvc.


Which originals you mean the BBCs ?
I love the BVCs when they behave. But they’re expensive.


Yeah…whatever came with it when I bought it. I got a pack of them before MFS stopped carrying them and I learned that MFS had crappy regular prices. LoL. I don’t use it anymore, I passed it and my last two packs of BVCs along to my mum. No clue if she’s used it or not.


For 20 bucks get the Innokin I sub G. I run it completely empty with no spit back at all, this is the tank I carry for work all day. I love this tank it is one of my favorites.


current line up and lovin em


new digs for sig…



IPV 4S, Billow v2, dual 6 wrap spaced standard titanium coil. 0.24ohm. Vaping Grandma’s Lemonade from Chef’s Vapour at 240o C, 33 J. It’s great! I don’t have much experience with lemonades, so I was surprised that it was this good! I gotta mix me some lemonade!


Now you see me

Now you don’t! :+1: SMOK TFV4 :+1:


Just a cape picture whileforaging for mushrooms


Yup, on my desk is a cup of coffee with Italian Sweet Cream, and I’m vaping a mixture of Mexican Liquor and Cuban cigar. LG


I know that guy in the top picture; didn’t his name used to be R2D2 ?


Pales in comparison to @Pro_Vapes collection, but he has more years to go than I do.


Let’s revive another good thread! What have you and your camera been up to lately?

So last night I let my dog out. Very humid and I love how vapor acts when the conditions are just right. Cloudy with a chance of flavor!


Does that ultra sonic cleaner cut down much on steep time?


This is the color change after a 2hr heated USC. It usually take a week or more to get this much color in a mix.




There are a ton of quick steep techniques and everybody swear by their version… This one is just simple and you get results after 2 hrs. The good part is your not limited to do them one at a time.


Only things not new are IPv4 and the 2 tfv4’s my sig 150 died, will have to rip it apart