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Just vaping pictures




Love that! Should be a poster.


you should totally sell those decals


Lol yea i think i could. I mean hell, if the demand was high enough i would


Strawberry & Cream on my Strawberry pink box :two_hearts:

@Beaufort_Batches :kissing_heart::dash: it vapes like a true workhorse :+1:


gasp beautiful!!! I need some pink drip tips!


On Vapecation I had a chance to vape with Dom Perignon…


Fantastic! Vaping with class!



I’ll make sure I take some good vape pics on my cruise (oh, dear God, he’s bragging again). Even though I have an hour of wifi I’ll have to post them when I get home. Need to use it to check on my girls and my grandparents.



Mudslide and milk and cookies. Match made in heaven.

Fucking with the room attendant.


It has been about 3 to 4 months since I put a tank into rotation. So I put a TANK into rotation.


After mowing you just gotta vape.


I like all the iPV4s pics earlier in the thread. One of my favorite mods of all time.


Took a trip up from Brooklyn to Toronto for the Banksy Art Exhibit… Getting some grub.


Drag, Drop and World Cup.
Looking at the scratched paintwork I think it might be time for a new mod!